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  • Hi,

    Can anyone tell me if that the new 3.1 internal linking is able to rewrite url’s that have been produced using it, if the user chooses to move the page/domain it sits on?

    so if a link was and at a later date the user moved the site to (out of the development area) would the internal linking look at the WordPress database for the domain name? or is it (as I think it might be) just hard-coded in to the database, and therefore all links would have to be changed manually.


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  • The links will have to be changed manually.

    The Internal Linking feature makes it easier to find and select an existing post or page to link to. Once you select the URL, it is inserted in the post like any other URL you insert manually.


    Well that’s a dumb feature then. Existing plugins that offer the same functionality, will do it better than core?

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