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    When performing a Remote Target System Restore, after uploading the xcloner_restore.php and vendor.phar files, then successfully connecting to the remote host, when it directs me to upload the backup I get an internal 500 error.

    Here is the error log:

    [2020-12-09 18:32:18] php_system.ERROR: E_ERROR: array ( 'type' => 1, 'message' => 'Uncaught Exception: We have received no valid response from the remote host, original message: in D:\\Wamp\\www\\nerdpunk\\assets\\plugins\\xcloner-backup-and-restore\\vendor\\watchfulli\\xcloner-core\\src\\Xcloner_File_Transfer.php:128 Stack trace: #0 D:\\Wamp\\www\\nerdpunk\\assets\\plugins\\xcloner-backup-and-restore\\vendor\\watchfulli\\xcloner-core\\src\\Xcloner_Api.php(1496): watchfulli\\XClonerCore\\Xcloner_File_Transfer->transfer_file(\'backup_nerdpunk...\', \'0\', \'45082efed6aad10...\') #1 D:\\Wamp\\www\\nerdpunk\\wp-includes\\class-wp-hook.php(287): watchfulli\\XClonerCore\\Xcloner_Api->restore_upload_backup(\'\') #2 D:\\Wamp\\www\\nerdpunk\\wp-includes\\class-wp-hook.php(311): WP_Hook->apply_filters(\'\', Array) #3 D:\\Wamp\\www\\nerdpunk\\wp-includes\\plugin.php(478): WP_Hook->do_action(Array) #4 D:\\Wamp\\www\\nerdpunk\\wp-admin\\admin-ajax.php(176): do_action(\'wp_ajax_restore...\') #5 {main} thrown', 'file' => 'D:\\Wamp\\www\\nerdpunk\\assets\\plugins\\xcloner-backup-and-restore\\vendor\\watchfulli\\xcloner-core\\src\\Xcloner_File_Transfer.php', 'line' => 128, ) [] []

    And here is the log from the remote host:

    [2020-12-09 13:31:53] xcloner_restore.INFO: Processing ajax request ID _amitrsc5m [] []
    [2020-12-09 13:31:53] xcloner_restore.INFO: Current filesystem max upload size is 1073741824 bytes [] []

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Plugin Contributor ovidiul


    I would suggest to upload the backup archive manually and then skipping that step, you are probably running into an upload limitation

    Thread Starter defiance12


    What happened to the old xcloner when you added the the backup archive and the restore script locally and run it through the browser?

    This new version sucks when performing a full file and database restore.

    Plugin Support jimiero



    Have you tried to follow what my mate suggested? If you run on an upload limitation ( related with your server settings) afraid there’s nothing for us to do on our side about that.

    Thread Starter defiance12


    it’s not an upload limitation, I set it to 1G just to test this error…

    i no longer use this plugin, thanks anyway

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