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  • On digital products, it sometimes comes back and says “order already completed” in the logs when it clearly isn’t (order number doesn’t exist anywhere except this current transacation). Other times it works without issue and there’s no clues or errors to go on to figure out why.

    I’m giving a 1-star because when I lodged a support request through the proper channel, provided debugging information and even pointed out the line of code which was wrong all I got back was a boilerplate reply saying to do a basic debug.

    Terrible service/plugin.

    Save yourself the heartache and time and just use PayPal Standard or goto another Express plugin.

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  • Plugin Support John Coy


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    This was caused by a theme or plugin conflict or duplication by spotty hosting. It’s recommended to make an attempt at conflict testing, regardless of how vexing that process can be.



    Actually @johndcoy it wasn’t.

    If you read my original support request you would have seen the very specific line of code I pointed out which is causing the issue (

    There is a bug in this plugin’s code.

    I tried debugging the responses in the logs but there isn’t enough information printed by the code that prints to the log file to determine any further issue. All it says is the order was already complete.

    Just to be clear:
    – I do 7-figures a year through this site and have no issues with Stripe or now that I’ve switched my PayPal back to the PayPal standard gateway
    – This site is on a beefy private Digital Ocean VPS and there are no access issues in my logs, nor has the site been down
    – Every plugin is up to date
    – I’m using a pretty stock Underscores starter theme with no WooCommerce specific template overrides
    – There are no PHP errors or warnings in my logs

    All signs point to an issue with this gateway plugin.

    I’m not vexed, I’m disappointed.

    The 1-star stands.

    Plugin Support John Coy


    Automattic Happiness Engineer


    So you haven’t conflict tested still, is that correct? As I’m sure you’re aware, the code is consistent and the issue could not be replicated and “doesn’t always happen”. This certainly makes it difficult to trouble for us all.

    We’ve tested making purchases for orders that were set to Pending Payment status from the My Account page. We’ve also tested purchasing manual orders marked as Pending Payment and of course new orders directly from the checkout process, using live keys.

    I’ve reopened the thread if you want to provide us with the steps there to replicate the problem and follow our suggestions with conflict testing. It will also be helpful if you could provide us with the Status report in that thread, so we can see how this server is configured and other variables.

    With your help, I’m sure we’ll get down to the bottom of it.

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