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  • Hello All
    I have gotten something messed up in the navagation of my Blog. I don’t know if anyone will be able to reproduce what I am seeing. It only occurs when I am logged in. Just going to the site it looks ok but if I am logged in and I use the meta box to go to “site admin” I am taken to the “Dashboard” as it should be but if I then click on any of the other admin buttons “Write thru Options” then try to go back to “Dashboard” what gets rendered is (header area OK) then what looks like the page with the left side bar two times then the right side bar two time with the message Time to go slap somebody what you are looking for is not here.
    If I click on the home button I’m taken to index and all is as it should be. It’s only when I try to go to dashboard from another section of the admin panel that this occurs???? Oh one other thing I created a disclaimer page which never shows up except when I am looking at the four side bars and no posts.
    TIA for any suggestions.
    Pen Master


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