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  • My site is

    The site loads, then the screen goes white save a black smiley (that should be disabled) in the upper left corner.

    I have seen similar problems elsewhere, but none seem to have a final solution – at least not one where the problem still occurs when no plugins are running.

    This problem started over a month ago, but at first it resolved itself quickly (reload). Then it came back and I deactivated most of my plugins and got it running again. Then it came back again, and I deactivated ALL plugins…

    Right now, it only seems to be an issue in IE (I’m running version 9).

    BUT… I have a sub-site and a mock-up where I was working out some reorganization and neither seem to be impacted – or at least not simultaneously with my site proper. One is running the previous version 3.7.1 (, the other is also 3.8 (

    I had this problem running suffusion theme, but I changed to mantra and am still having this problem. I am running a child theme.

    I can’t seem to find a common thread to what’s causing it or stopping it.

    I also loaded both the regular and the “3” version in Firefox (while the regular site wasn’t loading in IE), got the source code, and checked for differences ( and it said they were the same, but one would show up in IE and the other disappeared leaving only the smiley face on a white background.

    I’m at a loss here, but it seems every other day when I go to work on something, the site just won’t load and stay!

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  • what smiley?

    if this happens again, can you print-screen and send us source code, thanks

    in the mean time, can you clear a few things up for me:
    this happens with all plugins disabled?
    have you edited any wordpress core files?
    this happens when using different themes?

    Yes, it happens when all plugins are disabled – they currently are. I haven’t edited any core files (I am NOT that good with code, a child theme is pushing it). Yes, it has happened with different themes.

    Source code for from IE9 after the page disappears and the smiley appears: [Moderator note: That code has been redacted. Please note that you don’t need to post the source code if you’re linking the webpage in question]

    Sorry, I know that was long!

    what plugins do you normally use?, list them all please 🙂

    (next time use code tags, or place in pastebin)

    Given the amount of experimenting I’ve been doing trying to figure this out (and trying to speed up my site, which likes to slow down for no known reason) it’s almost hard to keep track…

    I did have EVERYTHING turned off everything for awhile then everything save Jetpack, Quick Cache, and either Social Media Icons Widget or Social Media Widget (I don’t recall which one, but neither has been active recently).

    The “recently active” list includes Jetpack, Quick Cache, Async JS and CSS, Better WodPress Minify, Subtle Background Patterns, and Google XML Sitemaps. WP Paypal Simple Donation Widget is also there, but was only active for about 2 minutes and didn’t seem to cause any issues.

    When the problem started up again, I had been running only Jetpack, Quick Cache, and Subtle Background Patterns.

    ok, thanks for the info.

    the issue is jet-pack, although i am not sure why it is removing everything from the site, the smiley is from jet-pack, it can be disabled in the settings:

    Jetpack Stats
    Hide the stats smiley face image.
    Save Configuration

    that will rid you of the smiley face, and hopefully solve all your issues 🙂

    Um… but why is it happening when I disable Jetpack? Also, when I had Jetpack on, I had the smiley disabled too.

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