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  • Hey,

    I recently moved servers with a cPanel migration process that included shifting my multisite WordPress install as well. Since the move, every now and then when performing tasks in wp-admin, it will inexplicably lock me out of the whole thing with the error:

    “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    I’ve Googled around looking for solutions, but they all tended to either be 4+ years old and referring to the force-update.php, or had blatant, repeatable issues causing the problem. Mine is seemingly completely random. So far I have had it happen when:
    – updating WordPress.
    – updating plugins.
    – network activating plugins.
    – creating a new menu on a blog.
    – editing a theme stylesheet.

    And it’s not repeatable for those actions either. The most recent one, editing the stylesheet, I had already edited the sheet once or twice, but on the third edit it shut me out. And I have also been able to update WordPress to 3.5.2 and activate various plugins as normal.

    I’d really love some help fighting this issue cause it is just about driving me crazy right now!

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  • Intermittent permissions errors in wp-admin

    As the title shows, and the error is intermittent, the most likely cause is server errors. Have contacted your hosts about it?

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