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    I am getting an intermittent “Internal Server Error” when people click around on my website. It is random, and is not predictable whether it comes in the backend or the front end. It also can be related to an htaccess issue apparently. Often it will happen when I am working in the delete members part of my site…but it appears at odd times.

    Typically, the error pops up and says the following:

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Apache Server at Port 80

    I have gone through and deactivated all my plugins…to identify what plug in is causing this error, and it appears to be when the Buddy Press Plug In is installed. My version appears to be updated…and it is version 1.6.4.

    Can any of you tell us how to solve this? If you answer, please be very clear, for I am not a programmer, and need all the help I can get.

    My website is and please try clicking around a bit, for sometimes it doesn’t show up right away…and sometimes it is often. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

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    Internal Server Error or 500 errors are server errors, and if they’re intermittent, that’s a host problem. Buddy Press is a database intensive plugin, as are all forum plugins. GoDaddy is known as an unreliable host, so probably their database server is dropping out under the load. Ask them to look in their server logs for the problem. If they can’t or won’t, it’s best to find a new host. See Recommended WordPress Web Hosting

    We did call them, worked with them for over an hour and a half, and they were clear it was not their issue.

    However, if you are clear about that I will drop their hosting plan immediately…can you tell me the one you personally have used that works well? I have to move fast if that is the case, for I have a bunch of press coming in tomorrow…and the site needs to work.

    Thank you so very much…

    Moderator Mark Ratledge


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    It is their problem, even though often deny it; search these forums for posts about GoDaddy hosting and errors, i.e.

    Server moves can take 24-48 hours to due the time needed for DNS changes.

    If you get less than 5000 page views a day, try a Bluehost Pro package, the extra cost is for unlimited CPU, which is a good idea for your forum, etc. If you want more speed, get a VPS from Media Temple.


    I’m sorry you’ve had trouble. We’d love to work more with you if you’re still having issues. I’ve located your support ticket and would be happy to have our Advanced Team take a closer look at what you’re experiencing to see if we can determine the cause and help you get your site up and running. Since you’re seeing Internal Server Errors, we’ll want to take a look at the error logs and that will definitely help us.

    I’ll be creating a new ticket for you and we will reach out to you by email to let you know what we find. Please feel free to reply to the existing email you have or you can reply to me here if you have any additional information you’d like to share.


    I am trying to call you guys now…it has been terribly frustrating.
    Please call me back immediately if you get this. You have my number in my account.

    Go Daddy,

    Here is my situation…I sincerely hope you can resolve the issue ASAP.

    I have been nominated to receive the Jefferson Award in Washington State, and if I am, it will be announced on KING 5 news tonight or sometime this week in the evening news out of Seattle. If that happens, my site will hopefully be getting alot of traffic that I cannot capture without this problem being resolved.

    It has taken me days and hours of time trying to track down this solution…and as a small business, without paid tech support, I cannot afford to lose more business around this issue. It has been challenging to even work on and update my site without this issue being corrected.

    I have to trust that you can fix it, for I have run out of time before the news breaks. I understand that there is a risk to trying to move it away before the news breaks for it apparently will take me too long to transfer the site; and it could actually go down in the middle of the process and that will really mess me up.

    So I am completely dependent on your tech team.

    FYI I have tried to resolve this problem for over 3 months – and I finally got some reliable information last night about this. One of my colleagues and I have been on the support line with your crew many times trying to get this fixed…and they kept telling me that this was not your problem – it was mine. So we have spent months chasing our tails trying to fix it.

    Today it seems clear to me that it is your problem with server bandwidth or whatever problem you have; and that is terribly frustrating and disappointing to me.

    As I tiny business I must trust that the companies I work with are reliable, and unfortunately, this has cost me many months of chaos and lost productivity. In the past, it has been so bad that sometimes will will get five errors in a matter of trying to write and post articles; or in trying to delete spam users…and I gave up trying to keep my blog current with so many errors. I was trying to solve the problem through other helpers, and they could not figure it out.

    This has in fact has cost me months of headache and business…and I really do not like whining about this. But it hurts to be back here again, when we were here in December.

    PLEASE, PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN TO RESOLVE THIS ASAP! I would be deeply grateful.


    Thank you, SongDogTech…I deeply appreciate your help. I was at my wits end last night. Joy


    It looks like your ticket was responded to last night with some changes we made. Have you noticed improvements?


    Yes, GoDaddy – I went in and checked it out; and it appears that you must have put me in a place where I have expanded server service or done something that fixed the immediate issues. It appears that the system is running faster, the site is functioning accurately now, and now I can get back to the business of running my business.

    Thank you so very much. Thank you for tracking this forum also…for I had given up on you guys completely.

    yntkislam, whereever you are, thank you for your post to this site. I don’t know protocol either in doing forums and asking for help; but your comment in my email was still very useful to me in understanding how some things can go sideways when we get multiple upgrades and it causes blocks in the system. Thank you for Sharing.

    Thank you so much SongDogTech…for moderating this forum and helping me out here. This was my first adventure into getting help through a forum and it was fast, effective and truly a winner. I deeply appreciate it.

    I was even ready to take down my wordpress site completely and redesign something completely differently if this had not been resolved quickly. I was honestly at my wits end after months of work.

    I have some kind of techno-phobia that developed when I first started using computers back in the early 80’s and I got scared that I could lose entire systems by clicking the wrong key…so that set me up for confusion. And when we get blocked like I got blocked by bad information, it is simply overwhelming.

    You have helped restore my faith that this technology world is not as scarey as it appears.

    And hugs to all of you…Joy

    Thank you, Joy, for following up and in the future, please reach out to us anytime. We do our best to monitor the forums and help as best we can. I apologize for any frustration and hope everything continues to work well for you.


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