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  • I’m getting an intermittent HTTP – 500 Internal Server Error in the WordPress CMS.

    The site is displaying ok, but I can only access some of the pages in the CMS, most of them are creating the error message.

    I’ve tried uploading a clean WordPress installation and still have the problem. I’m not able to access the plugins page or the themes page to be able to deactive anything.

    What could be causing this? It was working fine until last week.

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  • Hi kylen20

    Who is your host? I’m on 123-reg and I’ve been encountering frequent 500 internal server errors over the past couple of days.

    I’ve logged a support enquiry with 123-reg, but they’re not very quick at responding.

    I can’t add new posts to any of my 123-reg hosted WordPress sites at the moment. WordPress says they are published, but they don’t appear on my live site.

    I’ll let you know of any developments.


    The 500 internal server error happens when there is a misconfiguration with the permalink structure and the .htaccess files.

    Delete your .htaccess then go to settings>permalinks and set up a custom one or select one of the defaults.

    My hosting is with Fasthosts (who’ve been no help with this whatsoever). Their customer service and technical support response time is rubbish. So planning to move all my hosting elsewhere.

    Thanks for the input sledge81. I’ve tried deleting the .htaccess file and all that’s done is break the website so the front end no longer works either. That was fine before.

    The dashboard area is still equally as non-functional as it was before. Anyone else got any suggestions?


    I’m currently working through the solutions suggested in the forums:

    Many people suggest taking a backup of your .htaccess file, creating a new blank one, uploading it and resaving your permalinks under the “Settings” option of WordPress.

    I tried this and it made no difference whatsoever. So I’ve now reuploaded my old .htaccess file. Now I’ve found that resetting the permalinks has broken all the links/images on my website (now trying to restore them). Nightmare.

    I’m now about to try changing themes (to the default Twenty Ten theme) to see if that helps – if not, it at least rules out a theme-specific issue.

    Finally, I will rename all my plugins to deactivate them and then reactivate them one by one to see if that solves the issue.

    Still no response or assistance from 123-reg. Looks like it’s time to move hosts.

    Hi kylen20

    I eventually managed to figure out the solution to my internal server error problem: it was simply that there wasn’t enough free webspace left on my 123-reg server. (I would advise all WordPress users to check this out with their hosts as a basic first step when internal server errors appear – i.e. before they make any unnecessary changes to their files/settings/database etc).

    That only came to light after trying all of the aforementioned steps (and replacing my wp-admin and wp-includes folders with the latest WordPress versions – which might actually work for your specific problem, because it sounds like some of your files might have been corrupted). I also deleted some test sites and their corresponding tables from the database, thinking that the database space might have been exceeded.

    Here’s my response to 123-reg:

    “I appear to have found the solution to my problem – no thanks to the 123-reg support team, who were absolutely useless.

    It seems that my webspace quota had been exceeded. I deleted some files and can now post new web pages etc.

    I’ve complained about this before – there is no easy way of monitoring web space usage from the 123-reg control panel.

    I would have thought that one of the first checks that 123-reg support would have carried out when I first raised this issue would have been to check web space/database usage.

    If this is the level of support to be expected of 123-reg, I think I’ll be moving all of my websites and domains to another provider.”

    Thanks for the update Martin. I gave up on Fasthosts and just moved the website to a new hosting company. It was going to cost me more in wasted time to try and figure it out, than it was to pay twice for the hosting!

    As with what you mentioned with 123-reg, Fasthosts support were also worse than useless! I’d highly advice anyone else to steer clear.

    I’ve moved my clients hosting to Vidahost and also moved my own web server to them as well, and advised a number of my other clients to move as well. Their support to move everything over has been superb, often responding in minutes, not hours – let alone days with Fasthosts.

    So if anyone is looking for hosting that’s cost effective with great support then I’d highly recommend them (They’re UK based):


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