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  • We recently had a few events (here’s one) where we took registrations and payments through our website.

    I have this Stripe plugin to collect payments and a plugin called Events Manager to take reservations. Some visitors had complications submitting their payment, and I was curious if there were any known issues. I didn’t see the events plugin nor our template (Tempera) counterindicated in the Stripe plugin documentation

    The complicated part is that I cannot recreate any of these user-reported errors. I have, however, heard the same or similar issues from multiple parties, so I believe there is truly some sort of issue. There’s a few different issues users reported:

    1. They are not able to submit payment online due to an error that JavaScript and cookies need to be enabled for the page to work. The people telling me about these errors aren’t the most tech-savvy, so they weren’t able to provide much extra info, e.g. browser, version, etc. Some did tell me they knew JS & cookies were enabled and they still received this error. It sounded like they were predominantly using IE, but at least one customer said Chrome. I would take these peoples’ CC info by phone and checkout as if I was them; I successfully used the same checkouts on Mac (Chrome & Safari), Windows (Chrome & IE), and Mobile (Safari & Chrome). I cannot reproduce this error unless I try to check out in an Incognito window, which I know blocks cookies. Some people told me they used multiple PCs and even tried on mobile unsuccessfully. Has anyone else had these complications?

    2. They enter CC info, click submit, see a green checkmark in place of the blue submit button (do not see the secondary redirect with the green box, transaction id, etc.), and assume payment went through. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that users expect that their payment went through when they saw the green with the checkmark. In this day of overflowing inboxes, they didn’t notice that they didn’t get an email confirmation, they don’t know that they’d typically be redirected to a page to see a bunch more information, and they didn’t check their statement or notice that the amount had not been charged to their CC. Has anyone else had this reported?

    3. This last one I heard least often: They submit payment through the popup, they say they see the redirect page with the green box which presumably provided a transaction id they don’t write down; they never receive a confirmation email, and we never receive payment. I presume that the same function that calls the page redirect also generates the confirmation email for the payment, so I’m not sure how they’d see one and not have the other. Also, I presume that if a transaction id is displayed, it’d be tied to our transactions in Stripe, which makes me think they don’t see the redirect page. Like I said, the troubleshooting details available are fuzzy at best, particularly for this reported scenario.

    Even though these events are in the past, we will do them again next year, and we still have donation links and payment for other items available through our website using this plugin. I wanted to reach out and see if any others have experienced similar issues and hopefully have been able to correct them.

    Any insight is appreciated in advance. Thank you!

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  • Hoping to hear back from the developers of the plugin, and I have also reached out to Stripe Support directly to see if they can provide any additional clarity or answers. Once I hear back from them as well I’ll share their reply here.

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    Thanks for the additional info, mxbmx12. That’s terrible about your recent experiences! We battle the same thing with people assuming our site may be insecure because it doesn’t look the way they’re expecting. I guess people aren’t seeing our httpS and our green padlock.

    In my experiences with Stripe Support, they’ve brushed it off as not their problem because we’re using a 3rd party plugin. Unfortunately, since I don’t know how to code the stuff myself, that’s pretty much my only option to use their service.

    Regarding Workarounds:
    We’ve recently purchased the Pro version of Events Manager, and I’m using another plugin that allows us to accept Stripe payments with the event registration. The Pro version is $75, but the other (unsupported) plugin that plugs into it is free. (They don’t have Stripe as an integrated payment method yet…4+ years and counting.)

    We just held an event today where 21 competitors pre-registered and paid online. Only one had a problem, and it was because the user tried checking out with a purchase of 0 tickets, which obviously resulted in a $0 charge. He called, and I helped him register by filling out the form for him on my computer as though I was him; success. I know 21-for-21 isn’t an overly compelling sample size, but it’s been much more successful than when we were using the free version of Events Manager and adding payment links for users to pay their event registration separately. Not sure if that’s a viable workaround for you.

    To satisfy our ad hoc online donations, I’ve signed up with DonorBox until we get this plugin issue resolved. We’re a 501(c)(3), and that plugin is geared towards donations. Once again, it may not be a viable workaround for you. DonorBox isn’t nearly as visually attractive as WP Simple Pay, but it’s a band-aid in the meantime until this can be resolved.

    I know we have limited troubleshooting information to provide — it’s hard for a customer to tell you they didn’t give you money when they think they did — but I’m also surprised there have not been any further solutions from the developers. I’m certainly not buying the Pro version if the Lite doesn’t deliver payments. πŸ™

    Thanks, everyone, for chiming in with your similar complications and use cases. Hopefully we can cumulatively give them the info they need to determine the root cause.

    Thread Starter bruschr


    @nick: do you think this could be related to the issues we’re reporting?

    Hi @bruschr,

    Thanks so much for that detailed write up. I just started using this wordpress login about 3-4 months ago and would gladly upgrade to the Pro version for the increased functionality but the lack of solutions and/or updates from the developers on this thread is definitely discouraging πŸ™

    I’m not hosting events, just selling a simple product. For example I need a plugin that I can use just the way this one promised to work. If I had a product for $50, I just need simple click to purchase and checkout functionality. Any recommendations for a plugin like that? No other bells or whistles needed at this time. That’s encouraging that you were able to workaround the issue here with Events Manager and DonorBox, but my product is much more simple than that.

    You can’t operate a business like Russian Roulette wondering if the next payment is yes or no. That’s how it feels right now. I’m searching everywhere for a band-aid solution right now. I don’t want to have to deal with Paypal, but the lost money thanks to this plugin is beginning to tally up to unacceptable levels.

    Thread Starter bruschr


    If memory serves, I do think they have a separate area for Pro customer support, but if I’m questionable on the functionality, I’m not going to pay for pro in hopes it gets me a solution.

    I’ve yet to see a donation come through DonorBox, although in the time we were using Stripe buttons for fixed donation amounts, we also received no donations. So I can’t speak to the functionality per se.

    I’m nervous for the time when the stripe integration on Events Manager fails since that plugin hasn’t been updated in years, and there’s no support responses. I was hopeful that when I raised this issue last summer that it would be corrected before our winter tournament. I’m not hoping its corrected before we’re into summer payments again, but like you, I’m starting to lose hope as well. πŸ™

    I spent a few hours last night revamping my website + completely porting my entire checkout process from Stripe to Paypal. I was able to design a custom html button and link that to Paypal Checkout. Really easy to do. Same fees 2.9% + 0.30 as Stripe.

    I disabled and deleted this WP Simple Pay Lite Plugin. It’s a shame, this plugin had so much potential, from the ease of use to clean design. I also can’t justify upgrading to the Pro version when the Lite version is so unstable in hopes that one works.

    It’s impossible to operate a business on edge like this. I can sleep better now. $1600+ in lost wages this past week is ridiculous. Hopefully this gets fixed in the future. Best of luck @brushcr and all the greatest success to your business in 2016. Cheers!

    Plugin Author Phil Derksen


    Hey folks trying to catch up now. Sorry I couldn’t respond sooner but like many folks I was on vacation most of the holidays. As time permits I’ll see how I can help resolve this issue with those of you reporting it.

    Everyone reporting can help us troubleshoot further with the following.

    1) Rule out theme and plugin conflicts by following these guidelines:

    2) Posting/sending a system report after #1 is done. In your dashboard you’ll see you can copy or download your system report. You can post it to this thread or submit to us privately through our contact form (see below).

    3) Grant us temporary admin access to your test/staging site where the issue can be repeated. If you don’t have a test site, make sure your live site is backed up if you want us to take a look there.

    Our contact form is normally meant for Pro (paid) plugin support, but for now you can select “Technical Support” and enter in “SimplePay Lite checkout troubleshooting” for the Summary AND Pro license key along with your details.

    Contact Us

    Temporary admin access (with randomly generated passwords) can use the email support AT

    Keep in mind that Pro customers get priority support and it may take some time to address all Lite plugin issues. But we do want to resolve this if we can along with the folks at Stripe, which we’re in contact with.

    Finally, if you are a Pro customer please point that out so we can bump you up in priority. We’re also curious of course if the same issue affects SimplePay Pro.

    Continued responses to follow.


    Thread Starter bruschr


    Hey Phil,

    Thanks for checking in. We started by testing theme and plugin conflicts as best we could per the documentation. Unfortunately due to the intermittent nature, there’s no way to know if it’s working because a plugin was turned off or because it just happened to work that time.

    It’s worked 100% of the time on all my various systems and devices, all in live mode, and I cannot reproduce the issue in test. When a user had an issue, they would call me, and I would complete the checkout as if I were them. I did this on whatever machine I was using at the time using both Mac, PC, and iPhone through both Safari (iOS and Mac) and Chrome (iOS, Mac, and PC).

    Echoing the statements above we (1) don’t have a test/staging site, and (2) we cannot recreate the issue. If I was able to recreate it, I would have provided that long ago as that would point to an identifiable bug. The intermittent, nonreproducable-on-demand nature of the issue is what’s making this problem so frustrating.

    Plugin Author Phil Derksen


    @bruschr Ok thanks for the feedback. All the points you mentioned definitely make it tough to debug. We’ll continue to do our best trying to get to the bottom of the issue.

    If you decide to try our Pro version and the issue doesn’t pop up for 30-60 days I’d be curious to know.





    WP-SpamShield is the culprit. On the redirect after filling out the Stripe form WP-SpamShield checks for Javascript, which isn’t on, so it throws this β€œSorry, there was an error. Please be sure JavaScript and cookies are enabled on your browser and try again.”

    Deactivating this plugin solves the problem. This is a pain in the keister because WP-SpamShield is a terrific plug in.

    I have the Pro version of Simple Pay.

    Plugin Author Phil Derksen


    @mattstat Thanks for the info. I think this is a separate issue than the previous posters had, but we will look into WP Spam Shield compatibility in any case.

    Plugin Author Phil Derksen


    Closing the original issue assuming resolved. Thank you.

    Thread Starter bruschr


    @phil: is there a reason to assume this has been resolved? I was hoping to hear more regarding the compatibility with WP Spam Shield as a potential culprit.

    In the meantime, I’ve added a note near our donation buttons that if users don’t receive an email receipt, their donation has not gone through. We’ve been using workarounds for larger fundraising campaigns until we’re sure this is resolved. Is there some evidence it’s been permanently corrected?

    Plugin Author Phil Derksen


    @bruschr Yes @mattstat confirmed all is working after an update to WP Spam Shield recently. Did you try the update?



    Is this an ogoing problem? does this plugin work? I have just gone to the trouble of setting SSL certs up for one of my new sites to accept stripe payments and need to know if this plugin has got errors like this still? I cannot afford to chance using a plugin that intermittently fails payments etc, has this been recfied and pinpointed out the root cause and fixed? To the dev, the reason I ask is because above any other single plugins on the market payment gateways and integration via plugins are of upmost importance over any other plugins, if payments do not arrive at destinations and this costs business and reputations then it needs to be 100 percent clear for new users first that there is a problem, please get back to me asap before I decide to integrate the free version as a test before I decide if its worth paying for the pro version, My website goes live in a few days dont want to risk not being able to take a payment due to a plugin failure, thx

    Can you guarentee that the free version is not still suffering from intermittent payment failures?

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