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    Ever since I moved hosts, I have had an intermittant problem. It seems that some of my posts are locked out, as in, I cannot edit them. If I visit my dashboard a few more times, the ones that are locked will change, and others will become locked.

    I also, recently, had an issue with two users, registered with my site, and then could not log in, I even went into the system, changed their passwords, and even I could not log in as them.

    Resorted to deleting the two offending users, and had them recreate the users, and it worked.

    Is this a database issue? If so, does anyone have anything to suggest, so that I can help my host figure out what the problem is? Or is it on my side? I am not overly familiar with mysql server, and databases in general, but am a fast study, and I know my way around the unix command line.

    I do have SSH access to my host… so I have lots of options for trying to figure it out, I just have no idea what is going wrong, or where to look to start tracking it down.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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  • Interesting.. disabling W3 Total Cache seems to correct the issue for non-editable posts? Wonder why that is? Or is it coincidence? I will leave it disabled for a few hours, and check back after I get home from my “real” job….

    Well.. I’ll be a son of a gun…. disabling W3TC solves the problem of not being able to edit posts, intermittantly…

    Now, I guess I’ll have to go talk to those people, and find out why that is, and why it started this on this host, but not on the old one..

    marking this as self-resolved

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