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  • I have a webpage that is located @ and I wanted to know if there is anyways to intergrate the page to the mainpage so that the news post show up in the middle of the page..
    I really dont need the whole blog that is on the news page on my main page but it would be nice if there was a way I could possibly get the news post to show up there… I dont know if you guys know what I mean, but I will be more than happy to clarify!

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  • If your main page was PHP, it would be easy – use an include to insert the “news” page (or even a specially generated news page with only the last few posts) anywhere in the main page.
    However, I see you have a flash animation, and I dunno whether flash and PHP get along or not… if the news stuff is to replace the flash, easy. (PHP include tutorial here). If not, I have no idea whatsoever. Hope this helps some anyways!

    You have your flash movie read and parse your XML feed…that way you could include it anywhere on the main page you want…There are resources out there that explain integrating XML with flash. Here’s one, in case you’ve never done it:
    I’ve done it once, and it was pretty easy (just a smidge of ActionScript).
    BTW, using XML parsing is a good way to integrate your blog contents into just about any type of web page. Just consume the RSS feed and away you go…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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