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  1. powerlines2000
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    I have found several post on this with responses but no real answers.

    I have a site already which i am very happy with and i want to have a WordPress page to display the Events that i do, on it. Is there a simple way to intergrate WP into and existing site?

    I cannot find any informaton on incorporating a wordpress page into your site. With Blogger it is a simple case of copying the html between <body></body> and pasting it into your site, saveing, updating and then fiddling if needs be.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. @mercime
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    There are many ways of incorporating WordPress in your site.
    One way would be to make a new theme in WordPress with the same look as your site thereby allowing you to just add a link from main site to WordPress blog and back.
    Another way would be to incorporate WordPress into an iframe but you got to test this just in case ...

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