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  • Objective: I want my blog page to look identical to rest of my webpages.

    Description: I have website that contain 5 page, Sixth page will be added soon which is of course blog page. The rest of my 5 Webpage uses HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Javascript/Jquery Codes. Especially with Nav Menu, which uses Jquery codes.

    Question 1#: In order to get my blog page to look exactly like rest of 5 pages including nav menu. Should I…

    Method A: Hack in default codes and convert them into page as followed tutorial from this site:

    NOTE: I tried that steps, Unfortunately, I am facing several errors, I get confused so fast before I can turn my head. Not only that, the tuts are written from 3 to 5 years ago and probably don’t work with latest update of WP. However, I cannot find tutorial that written in 2011 yet. If you do know some, please share.

    Method B: learn how to Create WP Template, and create template that look resemblance to rest of my page… Following this great tuts from this site… I presume its less confusing and less requiring on hacking codes?

    Note: I haven’t tried this yet…

    Question 2:
    Does WP works with Javascript/Jquery/ HTML5/HTML CSS/CSS3? Especially with Javascripted written navs?
    What is/are the easy way to get my blog page to theme to look exactly like rest of pages?

    Any suggestions or tips.

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  • Anyone? Or was my question too hard to understand?

    Link to your site please. And why not just have the whole site in WordPress?

    Here’s the link

    FYI, its going to be revamped soon with different looks after I understand how to get blog integrated with my website.

    And why not just have the whole site in WordPress?

    1. I wanted to have full, 100& control on my website from bare to end, I want it to be the way I like following code I have written, images I have implemented and etc. unfortunately I couldn’t do that with WP templates.

    2. I want to use blog as journal, and getting feedback, questions, or comments from someone. I could careless a thing about SEO,feeds,widgets, traffic or etc.

    3. Those 5 pages is not going to change frequently, except for blog page (6th page) so there no reason to add whole static page into dynamic.

    4. Ok…I also admit, I hate PHP codes too. Yes, I learned, But I still hate it.

    I don’t mind hack or build a template out of WP to make it look exactly like rest of my static page. But the only question is, does CMS or Template PHP get this javascript style menu/nav bar that like this one –>see here. To run efficiency? Because this is what I going to use after revamp for every page.


    You can do anything and everything in wordpress, your imagination and your skills are your only limits. Would it be more efficient? absolutely, 1000 times more.

    If you want to keep your current site and just add a blog to it, follow these instructions and you should be on your merry way. making a theme to match your current site won’t be hard once you learn the basics, because your site is just black with a very simple navigation.

    Wow, that link you provided me, look so simple. I haven’t yet seen it since I haven’t try it yet. but if It works I wonder how I could not see this at first?

    Shirazdrum, you probably convinced me enough to try to learn more about WP. I was also was convinced by someone to use WP for many reasons too. Well in that case, would you be kind enough to guide me right way to learn word press, so I wont get lost, or lose motivation.

    SO thank you for everything…

    Oh one more thing…I just want to clarify… That link here

    Save it as header.php only right?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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