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  • I would like to intergrate the login page with my current theme. Using WP 2.0 and blix theme. Is this possible? I would think i could take the index.php file and copy the contents into the wp-login.php file (of course, would remove the “container” code from the index.php file). Maybe tell the wp-login.pgp file to use the blix css. Thanks for any help.


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  • The CSS that controls the login page is wp-admin/wp-admin.css. You’ll see #login in there, and you can edit that as you like.

    You will need to note your changes if you want to keep this because this will get overwritten on upgrades.

    Thanks for the info fruitfly. I have moved the theme css into the wp-admin.css (below the #login heading). I have also copied the theme index.php info into the wp-login.php file. I would like to put the login box inside my “content” area. I am not sure what info from the wp-login.php needs to move to inside the “content” area of the same file. Can anyone offer any help? site is and to view what i have done so far is
    This page has some errors but from viewing it, i think you will see what i am trying to accomplish. Thanks for any help

    Can anyone offer any help? feel like i am soo close


    You need to check this out

    It’s producing warnings all over your page.

    Do you just need CSS styling for your login box? I have that available if you want to copy it and tweak.

    It’s nothing that fancy, just simple font changes and colors.

    You can see it HERE

    If this is what you’re after, just hollar back.


    Katie – that styling for the login is great! I would love to get hold of it … Would you mind?


    I would like to move the login box into the “content” area (from your snapshot). Yes, i am aware of the errors, i will either figure this out or go back to just the login box with some css applied from the blix theme.

    This might be of some help as well.
    Sidebar login form hack from ioerror.


    do you still require help? I can help out if you email me your index page, with login coding insitu. Just attach the php template to the email and I will upload to my test site and tweak as you direct.

    Once you’re satisfied with it, I can either email it back to you or provide a download link, which ever you prefer. Will that help you?


    Yes, most happy to share the login styling. Can you give me your email addy so I can send it to you?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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