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    Hi Alex,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback and suggestions!

    The snippet used in the plugin my-above-the-fold-css is an exact copy of the original widget snippet provided by Paul Kinlan (part of Google Chrome development team).

    The snippet uses a Chrome innovation called getMatchedCSSRules which is deprecated and will be removed in Chrome 63.

    The latest update of the Page Speed Optimization plugin contains an improved snippet that uses a cross browser polyfill for getMatchedCSSRules. It includes an option to extract the full CSS and it will group critical CSS by file so that it is more easy to extract the needed parts, or for example to use the conditional Critical CSS functionality of the plugin to manage the critical CSS more efficiently. The improved snippet will also provide a file download which makes it more easy to copy the CSS.

    The snippet can be accessed from the admin bar menu PageSpeed > Critical CSS > Extract Critical CSS (JS snippet).


     * Simple Critical CSS
     * @url
     * @title Test – Just another WordPress site
     * @viewport 1920x960
     * @size 22.43 kB
     * Extracted using the Page Speed Optimization CSS extract widget.
     * @link
     * @source (.min.js)
     * For professional Critical CSS generators see
     * @sources
     * @line 23	 @file inline
     * @line 78	 @file
     * @line 133	 @file
     * @line 191	 @file

    The snippet can be used for any website. You can simply copy/paste the snippet in the browser console and use the methods window.extractCriticalCSS(); and window.extractFullCSS();.



Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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