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  1. mmartucci
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for reading my post. I work for a company with an existing website (http://www.freewarebible.com) as well as an existing wordpress blog (freewarebible.wordpress)
    I have also recently installed wordpress.org's codex to our site to integrate the blog straight into our website (www.freewarebible.com/blog)

    Now, what we want to do is integrate the blog into the design of the site and have a separate section linking all the categories to the corresponding posts. I have included an image of what the blog will look like here

    Is there some way to just plop the content and sidebar divs inside another div or table? Or will I have to work up my own custom template? With WP.org, do you have to pay $15 to edit CSS or is it free?

    I'm a PHP n00b (although I can understand what i read just from knowing html).

    Also, for you WP veterans, how difficult does this idea look like it will be to implement?

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