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  • Pros:
    – The concept is very interesting.

    – Requires a browser extension, and uses negative reinforcement to convince you. “Install, or continue to use Bad Screenshots”.
    – Assumes you are on a large screen. Small screens are out of the question.
    – Registering a domain to your account is a little odd and requires setup on both ends (account and site).
    – WARNING: Account signup sends your password in plain text. (Eeek!)

    – Requires an account with their service, as tickets from all of your domains are stored in a central location. (May or may not be helpful, based on your situation)
    – Reporting and Analysis require premium upgrades.

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  • Plugin Author Larry Kokoszka


    Thanks for the great feedback Kyle. I’ll address the cons you’ve listed below…

    Requires browser extension: We definitely weren’t trying to be negative here. Since our extension does just one thing: take screenshots when you ask it to, we didn’t consider that some people might wonder if it’s doing something nefarious (which it’s not). The original button wording was perhaps trying to be too cute. After re-visiting it following your comment, we see why you said that though. We’re going to change the text in the next version.

    Assumes you are on large screen: the latest version actually ‘works’ on small screens. But because the browser extension is the only way to ensure accurate screenshots, we recommend using a laptop or desktop with a mobile emulator extension OR simply resizing your browser when submitting tickets. For now, anyway, that’s the best practice.

    Registering Domain: it’s kind of necessary for security. If we didn’t have you list authorized domains in your Rollerblade account, then anyone could send tickets to your portal just by guessing your sub-domain name. Likewise, if you don’t enter you sub-domain in your WP install, we don’t know where to send the tickets. We are definitely going to continue to optimize and simplify the on-boarding process though so if you have suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

    Plain text passwords: Eeek is right. That’s not intentional. It’s auto-generated from somewhere. We’re identifying the source of it now and replacing the content of that email. Thanks

    Thanks again for trying Rollerblade and for taking the time to write a detailed review.

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