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  • Hey Everyone. I am brand new at this. PHP and MySQL databases and all. Yes even blogging. I have a great idea on how to use WordPress as a fully-featured CMS, well for my purposes anyway. Ok, here is my problem, WordPress installed perfectly no errors reported, etc. When I post something, it does not show up, instead it says “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” and I just have it load the index.php page. I think that should have done the trick but it does not. Here is the interesting part of the whole thing, the Title of the page is this “my weblog<div id ‘error’> SQL/DB Error:<br/>[<span style=’color#007;’>Y-Microsoft Internet Explorer” So by looking at that I think it is a database error. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
    P.S. This is going to a be a dumb dumb question, as I am a newbie at this…but…How do I change the title from “My Weblog,” do I change this from the template view in the code or is there some option I am completely missing. Thanks.

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  • Wow. Yeah wierd that I missed that, It is right there. Thanks a lot Sushubh. Still need help with the SQL thing. Thanks.

    Actually, Now that I look at my options. I don’t have that general options place. I have “other options” “general blog options” and so on. But not that one. Any ideas?

    well there are so many versions floating around… its there somewhere…
    and definitely on the first screen in the options menu…

    Hey. Thanks rpeeck and Sushubh. You guys have been a great help.

    Any Ideas for the big problem?

    Alright. This is really getting very annoying. I have deleted my database at least 3 times. Installed it 3 times. Still the same error. My versions are higher than the ones in the requirement. Everything matches up, I have triple checked the dbname/user/pass/host settings. All of them are correct. No errors, anywhere. My host says that there is data written to my table after I install wordpress but it is blank before. I really need some help here. Thanks.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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