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  • Blog 1 – a WordPress blog that has been running beautifully since January 2009.
    Blog 2 – A new blog that was being set up today.

    Earlier today, I inadvertently uploaded a new wp-config.php for Blog 2 to an already existing WordPress blog, Blog 1. Naturally, I received a database error since the MySQL settings didn’t match. I believed I had corrected it and re-uploaded the wp-config.php for Blog 1 with its original MySQL settings. Unfortunately, I had the username wrong and I ended up re-installing WordPress for Blog 1.

    My domain host advised me that I should access the database of Blog 1 where I would now see 20 tables instead of the 10. The host instructed me which tables were the original and which were the new. He indicated that the newer install of WordPress was pulling the info from the newer tables, which obviously were empty.

    After dropping the newer tables, I was then left with the 10 original tables in the database. However, now when I visit Blog 1, it is bringing me to the WordPress install.php telling me to install again. I’m assuming that is going to bring me right back to the problem; I’ll then have 20 tables in that database again.

    My question is idiotic, I guess: how do I get my blog back, using the original 10 tables in that database that I can actually SEE are there? Is there a way?

    PS: During all of this, I actually exported that database to my desktop. I figured if worse came to worse, I could reinstall and then just import back. Unfortunately, when I first tried it using the WordPress tool to import, it said the file was too large.

    On another forum someone made another suggestion that I should try a script – mysqldumper. I downloaded it and became completely confused as the instructions call for files that aren’t in the folder.

    I sure could use some help. If anyone could let me know if there is a way to just get things back to normal, I would be very grateful. It’s been over 10 hours of back-and-forth with my host and I haven’t made much progress at all.

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  • You have the MySQL database intact, and you can upload the WordPress files back to the server. The connection between the two, then, is really the configuration file that tells WordPress where your MySQL files resides, along with the username and password for the database. If all three components are present and correct, running WordPress should put you back to where you were originally. You DID make a back-up of the original wp-config.php file, right?

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