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  • Hello, this plugin is precisely what I need for several sites I’m working on, but I have found that when I edit the permalink of a custom post type, which itself has child custom post types, all the child custom posts are given the same permalink as the parent.

    Thankfully your plugin is equipped with a checking device which tells me immediately on saving the post that the permalink is duplicated in the child posts. This has meant I’ve been able to stop after doing just one page. But I do have many more to do as well, and it would take ages if I had to go into each child post and re-edit its permalink to make it unique.

    The CPTs and the parent/child relationships were created using the Types – Complete Solution for Custom Fields and Types plugin. Is there a known solution or fix for this?

    Thank you

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    Hello again…
    Further to my previous post, we have persisted with ECP plugin and found it useful for shortening longer urls to bring the target keywords nearer to the ‘http://’ for SEO purposes.

    However… the issue of renaming child post urls with the same permalink as the parent is causing problems in another way.

    Our WP set up has numerous different post types. Many of them are related and some of them are just conduits for many-to-many relationships between common parent post types. So for example, Case Studies use more than one product and products are used in many case studies. Therefore a conduit post type acts to create the relationship between the two. The conduit is not used for anything else and should never appear in searches. In fact this has been explicitly turned off in settings.

    Even so, the conduit is appearing in search listings. It links through to one of its parents, but we don’t want it showing at all. It seems likely (unless you have another explanation) that it is the change to its permalink which is making it appear in searches.

    So my question is, are we any closer to preventing child posts from having their permalinks renamed when a parent post’s is edited? and if not, is there a work around you can suggest? We have tried editing the child post’s (conduit’s) permalinks explicitly but this doesn’t work (it doesn’t change).

    Thank you

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