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  • A plugin interesting for people who wants to put a completely different thumbnail. If you want just recrop the original image to get a precise thumbnail, you must consider plugins like Post Thumbnail Editor or Crop-Thumbnail. Easier to use…

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  • This rating seems a little unfair. The plugins you mention might be more useful for what you personally want to achieve but this plugin offers something different which is to replace the thumbnail with a completely different image. If you don’t need this functionality then don’t use it but it doesn’t deserve a bad review.

    Well, I am testing a lot of plugins – I’ve got a blog about WP plugins. I don’t need at all your plugin and I understand what it is doing. But I have difficulties to understand the real interest of it as it’s very simple to change a featured image in WP.

    I read again the description of the plugin and it’s said ” For example, if the thumbnail of your photo gallery does not look good or if you are not satisfied by the WordPress created thumbnail.” So there is a relation with the two plugins I told about.

    Two stars means “works” and it works. Three stars means “Good” but I cannot see the real interest of the plugin, so I won’t put three stars for the moment.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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