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  • Plugin Author Adrian


    Hello @benutzername1,

    You should have created a support request for you question and not a bad review. This quite unfair.

    I don’t know WordPress OSM. Do you have a link?

    Basically you need to use the URLs provided by this plugin.



    Thread Starter benutzername1


    When I google “wordpress osm” the first thing that comes up is the plugin we are talking about and that you have not in your tested list. It is THE openstreetmapplugin for wordpress. Leaflet is mapsmarker and commercial and outdated…last update was 3 months ago. OSM was updated some hours ago.

    “Basically” they OSM does not have a field where the URL your plugin provides is fitting as there are no settings. Maybe the quickest way is if you tell me what to change in the wp-content/osm/osm-config.php

    Your example just used leaflet.js …i would need openstreetmap.js


    $proxy_cached_url = apply_filters( ‘osm_tiles_proxy_get_proxy_url’, $proxy_cached_url );
    $proxy_rest_api_url = apply_filters( ‘osm_tiles_proxy_get_proxy_rest_url’, $proxy_rest_api_url );
    $leadlet_js_url = apply_filters( ‘osm_tiles_proxy_get_leaflet_js_url’, $leadlet_js_url );
    $leadlet_css_url = apply_filters( ‘osm_tiles_proxy_get_leaflet_css_url’, $leadlet_css_url );

    osm config:

    // SERVER_EMBEDDED … loaded by the plugin for each map (default)
    // SERVER_WP_ENQUEUE … registered and loaded by WordPress
    define (“Osm_LoadLibraryMode”, SERVER_EMBEDDED);
    // OpenStreetMap scripts and tiles
    //define (“Osm_OSM_LibraryLocation”, ‘http://URL/openlayers/OpenStreetMap.js’);
    define (“Osm_OSM_LibraryLocation”, OSM_PLUGIN_URL.’js/OSM/openlayers/OpenStreetMap.js’);

    define (“Osm_Mapnik_Tiles_a”, ‘https://URL’);
    define (“Osm_Mapnik_Tiles_b”, ‘https://URL’);
    define (“Osm_Mapnik_Tiles_c”, ‘https://URL’);

    Thread Starter benutzername1


    spongebob narrator voice: one week later…..

    Plugin Author Adrian


    Sorry, I don’t get any notifications from, don’t know why. So I haven’t seen your reply. (better use Github)

    Basically the plugin does what it says. It provides a basic proxy for OSM tiles.

    As I’m a user of the Leaflet plugin I just added this for convenience. But you are right, this might be confusing.

    I will have a look at the OSM plugin, maybe I can offer something for this too.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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