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    I have an open source web to print software tool. I recently created a plugin so it will work in WP with Woocommerce. I created it for a client.

    I am trying to gauge the level of interest there might be from others in the printing industry that use WP/Woocommerce and might want this plugin. I find most people that run print shops use cart tools (Open Cart, Prestashop, Magento etc) rather than a CMS tool.

    I don’t want to spin my wheels on a plugin that doesn’t have a decent amount of interest. I am also curious about what someone might be willing to pay for such a plugin. I would guess it would be in the same ball park that other Woocommerce plugins sell for.

    The demo WP site is here:

    If you are interested please let me know.

    This is not a sales pitch. I am just trying to get some feedback and thoughts from others.


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  • demo was a little clunky for me

    I’m very interested for a variety of product uses

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    demo was a little clunky for me

    What was clunky?

    The link did not work this link was clunky and did not work this worked

    Except the mens short sleeve

    I think $150 would be appropriate including image upload module

    Calculating per color could be another product (for screen printer and vinyl sign makers)

    Do you have a way to insure that the proper resolution images is being uploaded?

    Will the file be the correct size for final printing (like 10×10 for the shirt area)

    Can I add other products?

    I would like to discuss more with you offline.

    The correct link for the WP Woocommerce demo is:
    Sorry about the incorrect link before.

    I do have a module that calculates the price based on color.

    With regard to the image upload:
    When an image is uploaded the raw full-size image is stored to the server. The raw image is resized to a thumbnail image to be displayed on the designer. Every image is scaled down by the same factor. For example if the image upload scaling is set to 4 (within the tool) and a customer uploads a 1200px x 1200px image it is scaled down to 300px x 300px when it is placed on the designer. If an image is uploaded that is 200px x 200 px it will be scaled to 50px x 50px. If this users stretches the image and makes it larger, they will see that the image starts to distort and become unclear. This is what would happen if the t-shirt printer took that original raw image and tried to increase it to fit the front of a t-shirt. It would become distorted. In this manner, a customer will see that the image distorts and should realize that it is not an appropriate image for a t-shirt. So there is no check of resolution or warning about resolution. But the tool does provide physical feedback as the images are stretched. Of course, image quality on the end product is larger dependent on the ability of the printer. A printer with direct-to-garment printing may have a better time at printing a high quality image on a t-shirt as opposed to someone that does not have a good half-tone process. This was a long winded response, but it should give you a better idea of how the image upload works.




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    @mark_bailly: Can I suggest that you post a contact url here? Then we can close this topic down but leave your contact details available for use.

    Here is the correct link:

    Mark, have you developed this for wordpress? I am looking for something like this.

    I need to be able to supply photographic prints from our website. The customer will need to be able to upload their image for printing along with amount of prints. A great solution would also give them the option to make small adjustments like brightness and cropping.

    Is this something that you can do as I do not really want to move back to joomla via prestashop.


    I do have a plugin for WP. But I am moving away from the current imagemagick based engine to an SVG based app. The new tool will still have imagemagick in the background for image capabilities, but the processing will be SVG based.

    You can email me at markbailly at gmail so we can discuss it more.


    Hi Mark, I did email you but got no response, so presume the email address is wrong. I need a solution to this issue, so feel free to contact me via


    Interest level: high

    Please let us know how it goes!

    / J

    I’m interested in this plugin too. Is the project is active?

    There are a few things in the works. There is an image editing plugin that already exists:

    Also I am working on an web to print application that uses SVG. There is a demo of the tool here:

    The tool is in the processing of being integrated into WP.


    Im interested in too. How can I Contact you

    You can contact me at: info [at] diycware [dot] com


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