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  • I’m currently working on implementing a CSS based dropdown menu for my site that will be located below the image header on the default Kubrick theme that will allow at least two levels of navigation for Pages. It will look similar to the menu in wp-adnin but will dropdown upon hover if there are any children below it (and possibly do similar for children of children).

    This will use the standard list_pages() function and not require any hacking of that (at the moment I have a small hack as it adds a “Pages” header to the output by default but I should be able to easily hide that with CSS).

    Currently it involves an extra .css and .js file plus the includes for them in header.php plus a few lines of HTML and PHP to add the Pages Menu, it is hacky at the moment so I haven’t even got a demo live yet. I was just wondering at this stage if there was any interest from others in using such a menu for the Pages?

    I started to do this as I was beginning to dislike my current site design but really loved Kubrick and my image header for it so decided to integrate the rest of my personal site into WordPress by using Pages. Once I have code that is a bit cleaner that I feel comfortable adding to my site I’ll update this post with the URL to check it out, hopefully I get to do this tonight but then again it is Friday so it might take a bit longer.

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  • I have got a demo up and running now on my site:

    The CSS needs quite a bit more tweaking (it’s been a long time since I’ve done much with CSS) and I need to work on integrating it a little more cleanly into WordPress but the foundations are there to easily turn the results of the list_pages() function to return a CSS dropdown menu. 🙂

    Currently it goes to a depth of 3 levels, which you can see under Tomcat Tips/ Category 1 / Third level?

    If anyone is interested leave a note and I’ll share my code so far. 🙂

    Argh!!! It would appear my site is broken in Internet Explorer and after a once over of the HTML and CSS, I’m a little stumped. Can anyone see anything there that would force IE just to display the background image of Kubrick? It’s most likely something I have done but I can’t figure out just what yet…

    It’s how you inserted the script, should be something like <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

    I’m interested in getting this working, which I mostly have (works fine in Firefox). I’m using the same method you are, but hey, surprise, IE is *!@#ing things up as usual. The only thing I can figure is that since my host isn’t supporting (nor going to) mod_rewrite, my pages are formatted as
    and this makes IE barf. I figure this because the menu works on the index page and on a page named . . .com/kontakt.php – all the rest are hosed. Anyone have any ideas?

    Any time I tweak something, I have to add in a couple hours to figure out how IE is breaking what works fine in all other browsers. So frustrating. Seriously I just wanna redirect IE users to the firefox download page.

    Try downloading and using the IE7 CSS hack. It can be found here:

    It may solve some of your problems though I admit I have not looked into your source code at all.

    Good call navid. Shooting from the hip even. Lol.

    Seems to be working now. Thanks.

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