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  • How can I make my sidebar scroll down with the page? I am using responsive theme. Also can someone tell me if spiders are good or bad and if I should delete them or let them crawl?

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  • Please see Responsive’s dedicated support forum at

    There is no open discussion for this problem in that page and it won’t let me open a discussion because of my location.

    Really, wow, okay, then can you post a link to your site – I’ll be happy to look at it for you.

    Hmm, it looks like this may be a bit complicated – because of the responsive nature of the theme – setting fixed positioning on the sidebar will make it not work right on smaller devices. However, Emil (the theme developer) knows more about how this theme works, so he may have a solution for you – and he does check these forums – so I’ll tag this thread so he’ll see it.

    If you want to try this and see how it works, under Appearances >> Theme Options >> Custom CSS Styles, try adding this:

    #widgets {
        position: fixed;
        width: 26%;

    But like I said, I think this won’t work on smaller devices 🙁 .

    No, that won’t work. It only messes up the home page.

    Spiders, assuming that you’re referring to Search Engines are good, unless you don’t want people visit your site. If so, let them be 🙂

    For the slider I would recommend Meteor Slides, rather than what you currently have.

    ThemeID does not restrict countries, so you’re good there. We do however use Akisment and StopForumSpam as well.

    For the scrollable sidebar see:


    Thanks Emil

    my pleasure 🙂


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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