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  • I have been using WordPress for about 3 years, but I’m finally getting into advanced stuff. I am working on a college television station’s website, which we have set up through Multisites. We have about 20 shows, each with their own site, then a general “Station” site that works as the gateway for everything else. Every episode from every show is a separate post, and things have been working out great so far.

    I have figured out how to get a “Latest Posts” feed on the main site done no problem. However, I now need to work on something similar but more advanced:

    I need some way of aggregating every post from every site onto one page, and make it able to be filtered by category (filtered by tag is also ok. Filtered by category AND tag would be the icing on the cake). Ideally it would be a visually attractive, but also dealing with about 1000 posts. It’s close in concept to a “Latest Posts” solution, but one that filters the results based on user input (i.e. there’s a category for every show and you choose the category to see all the episodes ever for that show)

    Is there a plugin for this? Is this going to take custom coding? Where do I even begin?

    Thanks in advance for being an amazing and supportive community!

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    It depends on how you figured out to get a latest posts feed on your main site. What method did you use?

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