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  • I’ve been looking closely at both Intense Debate and Disqus as possible alternative comment management systems for my blog.

    Does anyone have any feedback, suggestions, or advice on either of these two services?

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  • I’m trying Disqus for the first time but I’m a new blog without a user base so I can’t help you out much.

    I would go here to get some information comparing 6 services (Webware article posted a few weeks back):

    And if you want to get Disqus you may want to get the updated code here that wont make your site invalidated for W3C:

    That was freshly posted this weekend.

    Thanks for the info. I’ll check out those links.

    From what I’m gathering, Disqus has the buzz, but Intense Debate is a little more established.

    Anyone agree? Disagree? Have more to add?

    Another observation: Intense Debate has been extremely responsive to my requests for support or information. Disqus not so much. That goes a long way in helping me make a decision.

    I’ve been checking out Disqus. Intense Debate does not mention Open ID which was the main reaosn I was looking at Disqus, have I missed something or is this one of the differences with them?

    I’m not sure about the Open ID functionality in Intense Debate.

    I have noticed that Disqus seems to be winning a lot of big clients- Read Burner, Plaxo, etc. I just wish their service was more reliable however.

    My problem w/ IntenseDebate is that the sync isn’t working as promised, and they can’t resolve it. Supposedly, if you de-activate their plugin, all your comments should still appear in wordpress, but 99% of mine are not there. They are @ intensedebate, but don’t sync over. Support has quit replying to my issue for the most part. I either have to stay hostage with them, or break the relationship and lose 99% of my previous comments. Tough call – I love the way IntenseDebate looks, the functionality, and it HAS DEFINITELY increased comments and conversation, but I’m paranoid to say w/ them when the sync features isn’t working. It works for some, just not on my server for some reason. Can’t explain why – our web host admin doesn’t get it, nor does ID. See their forums in GetSatisfaction for many other people having the same issue.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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