[resolved] Intense Debate causes huge gap between content and comments. (2 posts)

  1. dreamnoir
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I've been trying for hours to find out what elements need edited or !important-ed so that the gap caused by Intense Debate's "clear: both" will go away.

    I really love the plugin and would absolutely hate to have to remove it for a simple styling error (which could be my own fault?).

    I've disabled every plugin and re-enabled them one by one just in case, and I can't see any link to a different plugin causing the style gap.

    Live Example:

  2. dreamnoir
    Posted 5 years ago #

    To anyone else that has been having the same problem and is as frustrated as I was, here is what finally fixed it for me:

    #idc-container-parent #idc-container div, #idc-container-parent #idc-container .idc-message, #idc-container-parent #idc-container .idc-clear, #idc-container-parent #idc-container .idc-id, #idc-container-parent #idc-container .idc-toolbar, #idc-container-parent #idc-container p {
    clear: none !important;

    Just add that to your Custom CSS settings and you should be fine.

    Alternatively, if you need it to clear: right instead of left, just change the "none" to "right".

    It was so simple to fix, I regret asking for support, but maybe my solution will help others?

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