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  • I would like to integrate WooCommerce with quickbooks, including inventory, customer information, credit card, etc.

    I know that there this a quickbooks plugin that allows Intuit Merchant Services to process the credit card but is there a way for WooCommerce to integrate all other information with Quickbooks?


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  • That extension does all that!

    That’s really good news. Nick, have you ever used WooCommerce with Quickbooks? And if so, how well did they work together?

    I have not yet, I relayed the info from their page. I will use it in January though. The good thing is that this sucker is supposed to be a fully automated system. Once you set it up and map the fields correctly, both systems are supposed to get synched automatically. Hard to believe, but that’s what they are claiming. No manual import/exports as most other packages (like the extension for opencart) require. I will have my first client for it in January, you can ask me then about my experiences with it.

    the one on woothemes handles customers/inventory, but doesn’t handle cc processing, but there is another plugin on codecanyon that does. I use both of them, and yes, they work very well.

    products added to woocommerce can be automatically added into quickbooks, but it doesn’t go the other direction, unfortunately.

    Another minor downside is that you have to keep quickbooks web connector running on a machine with a logged in user constantly to ensure everything stays synched.

    Thanks for the info bheadrick. Good to hear that it works well. The cc processing is not an issue with me, as I want the web site to process them and not Quickbooks. As far as a dedicated computer is needed to keep things synced up, it is understandable and obvious.

    I don’t know yet if WP with Woocommerce can handle 5-10 thousand SKUs, but if it can without any major performance issues, along with this plugin, it could mean selling complete automated e-commerce solutions for $5,000 – $20,000, as oppose to $1000 – $3000. That’s the importance of all this. Taking the whole system to the next level.

    FWIW, my store has nearly 2000 skus on shared hosting. As far as performance goes, gotta have caching!

    I doubt the number of products would have as much of an impact on performance as the number of concurrent visitors.

    I actually use Peachtree and thought I would be back in the same boat of not being able to integrate my shopping cart with our system when changing to woocommerce. I found Cartspan that integrates both Quickbooks and Peachtree.

    They didn’t have for woocommerce then, but we called and told them we wanted their program with our new shopping cart and they created it within a couple weeks and then helped with the installation. Awesome service!

    We just started using it and so far updating inventory values and downloading orders has gone perfectly. And this is with 20 master items and 1500 variables.

    QBIS is one of the best in integrate WooCommerce with quickbooks, including inventory, customer information, credit card, etc.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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