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    I have just changed my contact form from COntact Form 7 to Ninja Forms.

    I understand that your plugin does integrate with Ninja Forms. As per the instructions, I’ve added Mailchimp to Actions, and the settings did show the name of my list.

    I then sent a test email. The sender however was NOT added to my list.

    what went wrong?
    I would appreciate your advice.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    and – with MailChimp activated – I still have no configuration options in your plugin and no tick box (permission) next to the form.

    so ..why isn’t it fully integrated?…

    I can of course integrate Ninja Form directly with Mailchimp – but then I have no need for your plugin.

    can you please advise.

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    the actual page is

    PS why there is no option to edit one’s post..?

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    hi Developers

    as this is actually quite important that my contact form be integrated with my Mailchimp list – I would much appreciate your reply as soon as possible.

    I have done everything as per your instructions how to integrate with Ninja forms – and it is still not working.

    Also having a problem with Ninja – I see a 404 error in the logs:

    [2018-12-31 10:51:02] ERROR: Ninja Forms > MailChimp API Error: Not Found. Resource Not Found. The requested resource could not be found.
    Request: PUT – {“email_address”:”nina@ma***.al”,”interests”:{},”merge_fields”:{“FNAME”:”Nina”,”LNAME”:”Musser”,”MMERGE3″:”Testing the form.”},”status”:”subscribed”,”email_type”:”html”,”ip_signup”:”″}
    Response: 404 Not Found – {“type”:””,”title”:”Resource Not Found”,”status”:404,”detail”:”The requested resource could not be found.”,”instance”:”497245cd-e833-44c0-ba11-cbd0239ee634″}

    I’ve fixed my problem. Within the MailChimp action of the form, I had to set the list value to empty, and then select my list again. Doing this caused the list field mapping section to display (it wasn’t showing up before). When I saved the form, it was working again. Maybe this will help you, magicpowers?

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    Thanks @ninanmnm

    yes, the field was visible this time, I saved the form and sent a test submission..and …the user (me) was still NOT added to my Mailchimp list.

    any idea where the problem lies?

    Hey @magicpowers, if you go to MailChimp for WP < Other you should see logging settings and a Debug Log. Is there anything in your Debug Log for the timestamps when you’ve filled out the form? Is it the same 404 error that I had?

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    hi @ninnmnm – just checked and no, I don’t have this sort of warning.

    My debug log is set to Errors and Warnings only (not to Everything) – do you have the same setting?

    I guess I need to wait for the reply from the developers.

    It looks like this is a known issue – there is another post in this thread about the lack of integration with Ninja Forms – to which the developer didn’t offer any solution shifting the blame to Ninja Forms.

    Well, if you claim that your plugin DOES integrate with another plugin, it is YOUR responsibility Mr Developer to communicate with the other party and ensure that the integration does happen and there are no issues. You can’t blame each other and wash your hands off.

    I look forward to your reply.

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    Hi Mr Developer

    It doesn’t look like you have read our posts here.

    You have just released an update to
    “Update WPForms integration to properly detect if the WPForms plugin is activated”.

    and what about Ninja Forms integration?? clearly, it is not working as I’m not the only one experiencing this issue.

    We would all appreciate (I’m sure) if you could reply please to this post and let us know when are you going to fix this issue.

    Plugin Contributor Harish Chouhan



    This applies to everyone who still has an issue with Ninja Forms, please note that the integration is still working and I can confirm this.

    Second, to debug this first make sure to disable any Ninja forms add-on. Once this is done, make sure to setup the “MailChimp” action in your Ninja Form settings to connect the fields in your form to fields in your MailChimp field.

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    I have done all the above.

    1. I do not have any add ons in my Ninja form
    2. in Emails and Actions I have Mailchimp enabled
    3. It shows my list name (VIP) and the signup fields.
    4. I inserted the respective Ninja tags in my signup form
    5. I was even able to add a Mailchimp opt-in field (Changing the label to VIP opt-in).

    I have tested and retested my contact form selecting VIP option. I do receive the message (both confirmation and notification) – however my details are still NOT sent to my Mailchimp list.

    So – what am i missing?

    Is it possible that Ninja Forms are blocking third party Mailchimp integration given that they offer this feature for a FEE? I actually asked them this question and waiting for reply.

    Is there anyone out there who have successfully integrated Mailchimp for WP plugin with Ninja Forms? Anyone???? if you have – please tell us HOW.

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    and if you’d like to test this yourself – please send me a test message checking VIP optin via the
    Contact Form
    since I have a double-opt in you should receive am email confirming your optin.
    you can unsubscribe at any time.

    if you don’t receive this email – your details have not been sent to my Mailchimp list.

    Plugin Contributor Harish Chouhan



    Please follow these steps to debug:

    1. Go to “MailChimp for WP > Others” menu and make sure everything is logged.
    2. Disable “Double Opt-in” in the Ninja form and test again
    3. Go back to “MailChimp for WP > Others” menu and share with us any messages displayed there.

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    Before i did what you suggested above, when I went to the debugging page I read what’s in the error window. There were errors logged regarding the email and details I have used in my contact form which were quaranteened by Mailchimp – as I have unsubscribed from my previous (old) test subscription.

    So – I tested again with different details and email – and everything worked!!! my details have been added to the list.


    For all users having issues with the Ninja Forms integration:

    1. ensure you can see the name of your list and your signup form fields in the editing pane of Mailchipm action.

    2.ensure you have inserted the Ninja field tags (click on the icon on the right of each field and choose the appropriate tag).

    3. when testing, ensure you don’t use the name or email address you have previosuly unsubscribed from your Malichimp list – as it hangs on to everything forever!

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