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  • I am building a blogging network for my local area and would like to use the multi-site features for the obvious ease. However, what is putting me off is what put me off mu – the main blog.

    I have to install 3.0 in my main directory as I want the blogs to be etc

    But I have a lot more to my site than just the blogging network, with a complex database and much jquery and php scripting, so I dont know how to implement the two. I’d prefer to just completely turn off the main blog and have my own home page linking to the blogs and (unless im being a bit blind) im amazed you cant just do this.

    How do I implement wordpress3 into my site without it completely taking over? Otherwise my only other option is to install a fresh copy each time for each blog which is pointless and in the future will be a massive pain in the areus

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • You can;t “unhook” the main blog becasue everything runs through those files.

    What you *can* do though is pull in all your scripting, links, layout, whatever you want – in a custom *theme* and have that run off the main blog. Even if that theme is the minimum required files.

    Thanks for your reply.

    I assume I would have to put my existing database inside the wordpress database?

    Do you know of any minimal themes specific to a home blog, that I could use as a basis for this? I used a skeleton theme to build the wordpress theme Im using for each blog, would that suffice or are there extra requirements for a home theme.

    Also, I know you can have a custom header, background image for each blog. Can you also set other custom values? At the footer of each blog I want to be able to link each accounts twitter and facebook page, literally just assigning a link to a variable and putting it inside a link. Is this possible?

    you can use any theme you want for a home theme. there are no special requirements.

    as for the rest – yes. they work like they do at you’re running something similar now.

    Right, I’m trying to put my whole site into a wordpress theme, using a skeleton as the basis. But except by putting the full address to my theme folder, I can’t link to any of my pages.

    I obviously don’t want to do that. Where can I put all my pages so that they are just linked to normally, for example rather than

    I can’t just put events.php in the root can I? WOuld defy the point of a theme really

    I’ve decided to put the blogs in another directory.

    Is there a way of parsing the main blogs feeds (the global feed function) outside of the wordpress3 directory? I assume it’s just a database query. I would like to have the global posts thing on my home page, but I’m just not going to put wordpress 3 in my root directory. It’s too overbearing.

    You use the templates that exist for the framework of the page, and use the internal wordpress pages to control the content on that page. then the nav bar pulls whatever pages you’ve added. automatically.

    I’m sorry, I don’t know what that means.

    But I found this, I presume this is what I’m after?

    Yes, that’ll get you there.

    So, you have a php based site already and you’re trying to convert it to WordPress? Do I have that right?

    The theme full of template files controls the look and the markup. the content areas are done by typing it in via the backend.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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