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  • A while back there was a software company (Enigma, I think) that was supposed to create a main portal that would allow WP to integrate with SMF forums under a single front end and allow users to register once and have access to both WP blogs and SMF forums with one user name.

    Does anyone know if this ever happened? I registered with Enigma, but never got any product updates or newsletters about this.

    If not with Enigma, has anyone ever heard of a portal that will perform this function?


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  • Not sure about Enigma. is specifically designed to work with smf, though.

    You can also get wordpress to communicate with smf with Dmry’s wordpress plugin bridge.

    WordPress SMF Bridge Plugin 1.0

    how about phpbb3 ?

    very little luck with phpbb3, because the coding is so different. I don’t know of any.

    But has a converter tool from phpbb3 to smf, and I most people end up preferring smf.

    Also, phpbb3 is about as weak a forum software package as can be found. It is feature deficient and is riddled with security breaches.

    Thanks, JJ!

    i wonder if there is already a widget for it. I’m using widgets and dunno how to put the code in to it 🙁 so my visiter can see the topics on my weblog

    There are no widgets yet, but WP_SMF bridge will show the latest topics in your SMF forum anywhere you paste this code:

    <?php echo SMF_EnSonBasliklar($limit=10,'<ul>','<li>','</li>','</ul>') ?>

    Hope this helps!

    Widgets are a good idea…they’re in the plans 🙂

    tnx mate but i dunno where to put the code because of the widgets . When i’m putting this code in a widget it’s not working 🙁

    But i got a lot of patience and hope you will fix a beautiful widget 😀

    Hello Soulmaster,

    I’m not familiar with the widget codes yet. If you put the code right into the html, it will work. But you’ll also have to have the plugin installed and working first.


    (I will be finding out more about this soon)

    hello jjgallow 🙂 i really dunno where to put the code when using widgets. I believe when your’e using widgets you can’t use the sitebar for codes

    well 🙂 I FIXED it 🙂 found a way how to put the code in to the sitebar. and it’s working great. only one question. where can i change the english language in to dutch . like : Date in datum and Time in tijd.

    Also, phpbb3 is about as weak a forum software package as can be found. It is feature deficient and is riddled with security breaches.

    Surely, you must be joking, phpbb3 is far better forum then smf, both in features, functions, security and easy to use, i hate smf and all its proprietary funky code in the pages,
    The latest phpbb3 may lack some things only because the phpbb2 features have not yet been updated, but out of the box phbb3 is the baddest forum around (barnone). I guess that’s the reason it’s the most used forum on the internet, you think ? 🙂

    well, i’m not your friend in this case. SMF is far better than phpbb3. The coding of phpbb3 is still part phpbb2 including a huge open door for spammers and spambots.

    The handeling of smf is also better than phpbb. Special for those who don’t know anything about coding.

    wow, lol.

    Sorry I brought this up! 🙂

    Let me just say that my favorite was always Yabb, but then perl went the way of the dinosaurs and development slowed.

    SMF has a lot of the same intelligence in their code, but obviously it is completely re-written. I don’t personally care if it’s perl or php, but you have to attract developers and that means, for the most part, php.

    So…is this thread closed now, lol?

    p.s…Soulmaster, if you can let me know how you got that code in your sitebar, it would really save me work down the road when I get to that!

    cheers 🙂

    well, it was very easy. i put it before the code that starts the widgets. Works perfect.

    The code 🙂

    <div id=”sidebar”>
    <table width=”100%”>
    <td align=”left” width=”50%” valign=”top” class=”td_left”>

      <li class=”widget_categories”><h2>Forum topics</h2>
      <?php echo SMF_EnSonBasliklar($limit=10,’

    • ‘,’
    • ‘,’

    ‘) ?>
    <?php if ( function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’) && dynamic_sidebar(1) ){
    } else{ ?>
    <li class=”widget_categories”><h2>Categories</h2>

      <?php wp_list_cats(‘sort_column=name&optioncount=1’); ?>

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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