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  • Depends what you want.

    Which site is the multisite? If so, you can make a new subsite called paski2 (yes, I know) and copy paskin into it via the normal WP importer tool. Then rename the FOLDER paskin to paskin-old, and do a search/replace on your DB for the multisite to change paski2 to paskin

    Use for the search/replace

    Also note: The character LENGTH of paskin is important, and that’s why it’s paski2 and NOT paskin2

    I am sorry if if I was not clear. regular site NON WP. Multisite WP site.

    I have done an integration in the past, but it was a single WP site and it was installed as subdirectory. Paskin was installed as subdomain. I don’t know how to change that to sub-directory… I guess that would solve the problem. I changed the tree structure of the directories, moved the folder (subdomain to inside the non WP Site, but id didn’t work) as if it were a sub directory. I could access the sites as …./paskin (and not
    But deep inside it was still a subdomain. It didn’t work.
    Thank you for any help!!

    You want to move a subdomaind network to a subFOLDER network?

    You’ll treat that as a real move:

    And it’s going to be extra weird because of the subfolder. I might create a new Multisite in a folder, just to see what the database would be, and use that as a refernce when moving.

    “You want to move a subdomain network to a subFOLDER network”

    Yes, and the main single site (let’s just call will NOT be part of WP.
    The subdirectory (current subdomain) should be a multisite WP.

    The goal: regular single site no WP.
    /blog (WP multisite).

    *points to the ‘treat as a real move’ answer* Also I suggest getting a lot of booze, cause that’s a painful move.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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