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  • Hello!

    First off, I know there are a lot of topics around the internet for the integration of WP and PHPBB, but none of them seem to answer my specific question.

    That question is:

    How would I get PHPBB to (on a specific, “Announcements” board) create a Post in WP for each topic created?

    Ideally, I’d also want to be able to define a custom field (on the WordPress side) which would be the same for every post. As well as that, I’d only want to be showing the very latest announcement, so only one post needs to be kept at any one time.

    So is this at all possible?

    As an example to further clarify:

    1. I create a topic on my ‘Announcements’ board in PHPBB called ‘Server Up!’.
    2. A WordPress post is then automatically created with the following settings:

    Name: Server Up!
    Category (same every time): Announcements
    Custom Field (same every time): thumbnail – images/blah.jpg
    Content: #Same as that in PHPBB topic#

    3. If I click on the WordPress post (which will be shown on the main page of the WordPress site), instead of going to the post, I am instead redirected to the forum topic.
    4. I then create a topic on my ‘Announcements’ board in PHPBB called ‘Server Down!’.
    5. My previous post named ‘Server Up!’ is deleted.
    6. A WordPress post named ‘Server Down!’ is then created, with settings similar to the above.

    I hope this is somehow possible, though I assume it involves changing a lot of code in both WordPress and PHPBB…

    For reference, here are the links to both the WordPress blog and the forum.
    V-Bytes WordPress Blog
    V-Bytes Forums

    Thanks in advance!


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