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  • Hi everyone – I have a few questions. I could handle wordpress per se, but now need to integrate with some outside programs and am out of my depth. I would appreciate any advice on any of my questions.

    I have a domain at that currently runs on wordpress. I am going to have a graphic designer upload a new design to the website, and she will also be working on developing the shopping cart for the page. My question is, how do I integrate my wordpress site and/or shopping cart with quickbooks online and with my Method CRM software? I want any information gathered through purchases from the shopping cart or comments on the site to go to the CRM software, and the purchases need to connect to my bank account, quickbooks and the Method CRM software.

    Thank you for reading, any resources you can point me to or advice you might have would be much appreciated!

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  • Can you explain how you want your user to move step by step ?

    This is how I imagine the user moving (and please correct me if I am thinking wrongly about how anything works):

    1. enter main website
    2. click over to shopping cart site
    3. select item of purchase
    4. go to checkout – entering payment and shipping information

    When the user submits an order, I would like to have their personal information move automatically to our Method CRM software so that we can follow up with targeted mailing. The payment information should move automatically to quickbooks (and also our bank, but I imagine that is just part of setting up the shopping cart).

    Does this give you enough information? Thank you!


    Enter Main Site > Shopping Cart > Select Item > Checkout > Payment and Shipping

    All Personal Information > CRM
    Payment Information > QuickBooks

    There are other options also available for Quickbooks like

    Sales and Inventory > QuickBooks

    There are one Software from QBIS which my Clients are using for the same.


    I have had a similar solution in production since January 2013, including MethodCRM since about mid-2013. I’ve also connected at least two different WP commerce systems to Quickbooks using either external web services or an integration engine. In addition, since you are using Mailchimp, you may want to tringger list adds, etc. directly in Mailchimp, which can also be done via the integration engine.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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