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  • I’m completely new to the blogging world and am trying to decide if this is what I need. I already have a site that is now almost ten years old and has gone through many changes. At this time it is mostly static pages written in BBEdit and DreamWeaver, plus a database that is mostly in Panorama but is being ported to Python and probably SQLite. I need to integrate a section where authors will be able to write and publish their stuff directly. I haven’t decided about enabling comments yet but would like to keep the option open.
    There will be two or three authors to start with. Their posts must be kept separated and individualized. I figured that some blogging software would be the way to go and have started to read up on what is available. WordPress is the first candidate. Before I look any deeper I would like to know if I’m on the right track. I need to be able to integrate it totally with the rest of the site using the same domain name. The idea is to have a link on the existing site’s homepage that leads to a general blog page on which there are links to the different author’s blogs. And I need each author to be able to log in to his blog and only to his and write his stuff, preview it, publish it and change it if needed.
    Can this be done with WordPress?
    I know (X)HTML and CSS but no PHP (I can learn if I’m convinced I need to).
    Thanks for any insights.

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  • You know that WP needs mySQL and not the other db’s you mentioned ?
    But yes, it’s perfectly possible.
    You would need one WP install for the ‘main’ blog, and then one WP install for each author. You only need one database though – different table_prefixes will take care of that.
    Each author would then have full control over his/her blog, including styling while you (?) would control the main blog.
    Don’t worry about PHP – from what you have described, you only need to go near the config file on install 🙂
    As for styling – shouldn’t be a problem either and if there are any issues at all, just post here and help will come your way.

    As it says in the Requirements section, you need
    – PHP version 4.1 or greater
    – MySQL version 3.23.23 or greater
    – (optional) The Apache mod_rewrite module
    to run WP.
    Integrating is OK, you can have the blog(s) on your existing domain as subdirectories or sundomains: – or –
    At this moment WP is not (yet) a multiblog software, so you’ll have to install it as many times as many authors you have – in case you really want separate blogs for all of them. Multiple installs can use/share the same DB.
    You don’t really need PHP knowledge, unless you want to hack the code 🙂

    And domain name – yes to that too.
    Either create a subdomain for each author, or a directory for each person.

    Hah, I’m getting older and typing slo..w….e……r :))

    Well, that’s a good start. Thanks.
    Yes, I do know that WP needs MySQL. It isn’t a problem. Parts of my site are hosted here on a Mac (because of the database we’ve been using for years that is Mac only) and parts of it are hosted elsewhere on a Linux machine. Recent versions of PHP and MySQL are installed on both.
    I’ve just installed WP on a test server here running Mac OS X server 10.3.5 and it was a breeze (although I must say that if I didn’t have some experience I would probably have had trouble. Nowhere does it say that the MySQL database must be set up first… and how to do it — unless I missed it). I didn’t do anything about the multiple blogs when I installed WP however so should I start over or can I fix it now?
    I prefer the subdirectory idea. It fits better with the structure of the rest of the site (more than 1500 pages…) but actually I don’t know what advantage there would be in using a subdomain instead.
    I don’t understand two things at this point.
    Why would I need an install for the “main” page? Couldn’t I have just an ordinary static HTML page that linked to the different blogs? I’m just as comfortable writing HTML directly as anything in Textile or Markdown or whatever. And the page wouldn’t change much anyway, unless the idea Podz has is that the main page would automatically show a piece of the most recent posts on all the blogs… Maybe, but is it possible? So, tell me, what would the main install be for?
    Second thing I don’t understand is the difference between a multiblog software (what is that exactly?) and a multiple install of WP. From what I’ve read it seems to be a real issue but I don’t see it. Of course this may be because I haven’t really tried anything yet…
    Also, and this isn’t really a question for this place I suppose, but you seem a friendly group so I’ll ask anyway. I read in a number of places that TextPattern is more adapted to some situations because it is more a CMS than WordPress. Fine. Is that something I should take into consideration for my project?

    I mentioned the main blog as you had previossly mentioned ‘ a general blog page ‘ so I thought you wanted a main blog ( misunderstood 🙂 ). You can of course not use one and just create the necessary static page.
    The essential difference between multiblog and multiinstall is one of control.
    A multiblog would require installing just once, and you then set up blogs using that installation. It would centrally manage the blogs.
    A multiinstall is – in your scenario – certainly the one I would go for anyway. It gives the blog authors complete control over their blog with no worries about either anyone else being able to see or get at their admin section, or of interfering with the other blogs.
    Textpattern ? I don’t know enough about it’s capabilities to be able to answer that. I do know that WP can do what you need though.

    Now that I understand better what you are aiming at, I’ll try to answer some of your questions.

    I don’t know what advantage there would be in using a subdomain instead.

    – Nothing really. It’s just that some people prefer this solution rather the (sub)directories.

    Why would I need an install for the “main” page? Couldn’t I have just an ordinary static HTML page that linked to the different blogs?

    – If you plan to have only one page, then no need for another installation. But in this case I’d suggest to have a static PHP page, so that you could “call” titles, updates etc. from the blogs… a kind of one-page-entrance for the blogs, where you can pull up the latest posts, comments or whatever. There are automatic tools that will let you do that, so you don’t have to do it manually 🙂

    Second thing I don’t understand is the difference between a multiblog software (what is that exactly?) and a multiple install of WP.

    – There are blog scripts that make possible to have more blogs under the same (one) installation. Hence “multiblog” 🙂 I do not use any of them, so I have no idea how flexible they are when it comes about different design, layour etc.

    TextPattern is more adapted to some situations because it is more a CMS than WordPress

    – IMHO blogging scripts/sotware and CMS despite the many similarities are not exactly the same. Only you can decide what exactly is the goal or the purpose of offering an online tool for your authors – and after that pick the right software. I do use a CMS for a community project, but for personal stuff prefer a blog.
    P.S. While writing this I got the email about your comment on my site. Thx 🙂

    Thanks all. I’ll go and see what I can do on my test server. I also need to have it all in French but I see on the Wiki that it’s possible if not exactly ultra simple…
    I’ll post my success… or failure here.

    @ellen and @gour – just about the languages:
    since the charset in WP is utf-8 you can post in ANY language 🙂
    (in my testing period I’ve tried on the same page[!] English, Hungarian, Russian, Romanian, Greek… something I’ve never succeeded in any other software without a lot of tweaking and headache! “Normally” with the traditional iso-whatever charset it needs at least 4 different charsets)
    Now it you need the WP itself to be in another language (ak.a. localization or l10n) you can grab a version in your language or… help to make a translation 🙂

    The problem that made me think of using blogging software is this. The site is divided into six or seven subsections with old content that doesn’t change at all and new content added once in a while. Even this “new” content is mostly putting online stuff that has been published on paper before. This is all done by hand in DreamWeaver with templates. This may seem archaic but really, most of the work is done beforehand, preparing the content which is either sent to us by the authors in some word processor format, or that we scan from paper when it’s from the pre-personal-computer era. Either way there is a lot of work cleaning it up. Putting it online after that is really fast and easy. The site is optimized to be very fast because some of the pages are quite long. This optimization is possible because the pages are static, as far as I know. For this and other reasons, I haven’t even thought of putting it all in some CMS. Maybe I should, but believe me, I shudder at the work that would be needed. Every two years, for almost ten years now, I change the “look” and it takes quite a bit of time. Next time should be easier because now it’s almost all semantic XHTML and CSS. You don’t want to know how much time that took…
    The site is in my profile if you want to look. It’s all in French though.
    Some authors now want to have a place to put new content. So, either they write it in a word processor and send it to me to put online, which will take days or weeks, or I give them a way to write and publish directly themselves. I like the second option. So I just want to create a new section for this new stuff with totally independent subsections for each author. The site has a distinctive look with different colors for the different sections. The blog part will have to be styled in a similar way.
    About the comments, I’d like to experiment with them but I don’t want to deal with comment spam. The authors wouldn’t do it themselves so it would fall to me and I don’t have the time nor the inclination.
    I need an all French interface and the authors will write in French only. A French translation already exists but I may want to tweak it… All those POT and .po and .mo files and whatever put me off a bit, but I’ll get over it.

    If I understand your requirements correctly then Text Pattern would be the ideal vehicle for you.

    Now it you need the WP itself to be in another language (ak.a. localization or l10n) you can grab a version in your language or… help to make a translation 🙂

    Does 1.3 brings something new regarding the localizatin process?

    Me again.
    So I have successfully installed three blogs and integrated them to my site in a satisfactory way (on a test server, not live…). No major problem. I’ve explored some things, like user levels that I’ll be needing and have found that level 3 seems OK for my users. I would have prefered to find a level where the user can add and edit categories but not add any other users. I understand this may be adressed in 1.3.
    While exploring this I read the Wiki documentation and am quite surprised to find that what is described doesn’t match what I see. Maybe it refers to a previous version… Anyway, is there any current documentation out there somewhere? I don’t really want to come here and bother you for every little detail. Or is reading the forums the only way to go?
    I’ve got some bad habits, like reading manuals. I even buy them! It’s hard to get rid of them (the habits, not the manuals) 🙂
    Next step: getting it to speak French.

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