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    What i wish to do is integrate wordpress with my php website so I can create news stories easily and so other people can write news stories too. The frontpage of my website will have a div tag with the latest posts listed on it.

    I’ve done a similar thing with wordpress 1.5 in the past but things have changed with 2.0 and I can’t get it to work.

    In 1.5 I just had to put the statement
    require_once(‘./news/wp-blog-header.php’); at the top of my php file and edit “the loop”.

    This doesn’t work for me with 2.0, i get an error ” Warning: main(./wp-blog-header.php): failed to open stream”

    If anyone could provide some insight about 2.0 and this error I would be very grateful. I have looked for documentation on 2.0’s file structure to no avail.
    Thank you

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  • There error just means wp-blog-header.php cannot be found. Double-check the path you provide to it in require_once() (your code snippet and the error reporting where it is don’t match).

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