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  • Im wondering why when I click a link to read a post further it goes to a page that dosent look like my index….Basically I moved most of the code I want to the index.php and am not using the header/footer.php …..

    the blog is at and you can see if you click a link it looses its style is there something im doing wrong?

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  • The main problem is that the header and footer are not being called. If you click on you a link to read more and do a view source, you’ll notice there is no header or footer information.

    my actual header and footer files are empty instead I just put the code into the index.php since using the header and footer conflict with my design.

    oh ya I see what your saying, is there a way to fix that doing it how I am now? just using the index.php

    Try to delete/remove all the other template files from the theme directory – except the index and the stylesheet.

    I don’t see how using header/footer would conflict with your design. The majority of the problem is that people try to take WordPress and mash it into their existing site rather than take their existing site and redesign it into wordpress. It’s quite easy and will save you a whole lotta headahce later.

    If you want to integrate your design into WordPress I suggest the following:

    • Download the blank WP theme
    • Make a new directory (template name) in /public_html/wp-content/themes/templatename
    • Put the blank WP theme into that directory
    • Upload your website style (style.css) into the same directory
    • Edit the files (almost every file is commented so you probably wont have any problems).

    This is only if you’re doing things from scratch.

    Also, if you aren’t too savvy on all this, instead of going from a blank template maybe find a template that is already out there. One that is similar to your current site and then edit as suggested from there. And instead of replacing the stylesheet, just add/replace entries to the existing one.

    Hope that helps. It helped me back in the day when I was looking to do the same and hadn’t yet learned WordPress.

    I agree with Kahil, I had the same problem as he did, and I downloaded a allready made template by someone else, to get the picture, and once I figured out how easy it was, I didnt need the made template anymore.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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