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  1. crackedpleasures
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I am currently working on my very first website, part of this site constitutes out of a blog and part are regular webpages. I would like to have the lay-out in a way that the main page has the regular menu/webpages on the left of the screen or on top of the screen, and the latest news facts would be posted in a blog-wise way centre of screen. A bit like this site does: http://www.kvo.be or http://www.excelsiorfans.nl or (maybe best example) http://www.rsca.be/index2.php?language=nl where you see the regular pages left and on top, with the newsfacts posted in the centre of the homepage.

    Can WordPress be integrated with a regular webpage, so that I could have hyperlinks to my regular webpages on top of the page, with the latest news in centre?

    Also, does WordPress allow me to send news entries per SMS or email (to a specifically set-up email address) which automatically puts the message online on the website? This'd be very handy when using a public computer (like at work or from a hotel) so that I don't need to risk signing in to my webspace from public PC's.

  2. moshu
    Posted 9 years ago #

    1. You may want to try a search for "integrating"
    1a. Probably in many threads this link will come up:

    2. For new users I alwasy advice to go through ALL the pages/submenus of their own admin panel and LEARN the tool you are using... (like email stuff)

    3. The online manual, the Codex is also a great resource for learning:

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