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  • Emily Rose


    Adding WordPress to Joomla

    You already have a Joomla CMS based site, but you want to start blogging and your options are rather slim, you can use one of the blogging plug-ins for Joomla (which for some reason are not very good), or pay a commercial site to run it for you, or you can use my integration method which I developed to by-pass both of the first options.

    I developed the first guide 2 years ago, and WordPress had come a long way since then and I needed to update it. I have also included in the guide, for the Joomla Fans unfamiliar with the WordPress site, a basic guide to getting started blogging.

    I have had good feedback from multiple people that my method works.

    If your interested in more info please check it out here:

    Looking forward to helping people get their blogs going on their sites! Remember you can e-mail me with questions at emilyrosetheartist (at) gmail (dot) com

    -Emily Rose

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  • This works great. Just installed a youtube video player in 5 minutes to my blog. Take into account that my day today is going to be spent in the shop welding aluminum so getting something like this to work as easily as it doeas is like the Joomla site itself, for that matter. Pretty much plug and play. blog

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