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  • I’m currently using this theme here (“The Retailer”) from ThemeForest in conjunction with the plugin WP Approve User. What I need is:

    New users must be able to be moderated by an admin so the site owner can choose to approve or reject them sellers of their product

    The Problem

    1. User registers
    2. WooCommerce automatically logs them in [PROBLEM]
    3. If the user logs out, they can’t get in again since they have yet to be approved

    The Solution

    I found a solution but there are some minor errors in the code which is preventing it from working (see the comments in the article following this sentence). See the article here:

    • Removing / working around auto login
    • Notification Emails

    Email Notifications

    When a user registers for an account, I need additional information which is sent via the email notification from the WP Approve User Plugin when someone tries to register an account to the admin (company) prior to approving or denying the registration of the account. The additional fields I need when a user is registering for a new account can be seen in this screen shot here: WooCommerce/Wordpress & the theme I’m using only requires these fields:

    • I need these additional fields added when a user is filling out the information to register for an account.

    If anyone could help, I’m willing to pay some money.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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