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    I would like to integrate paid membership pro with woocommerce shopping cart to accomplish the following:
    – Need to provide discount to products based on membership levels in PMPro.
    Can it be possible with ease? Is there a requirement of integration with PMPro?
    If there is another shopping cart plugin that is more compatible with PMPro , please suggest

    Awaiting for your reply soon.
    Thank you.

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  • Hi Mirzavu,

    I know that Jason has worked more with JigoShop in the past, but is possibly considering a WooCommerce extension for the future.

    Right now this would be considered a customization that would fall under our “Do It For Me” Plan.

    If you would like more guidance or hands on help implementing this solution with Paid Memberships Pro, please sign up at

    @mirzavu, that level of integration between two plugins is pretty extensive. It’s doable with PMPro and probably many shopping cart systems but it is unlikely that you’ll find it out of the box with any combination. It’s very easy to test for which PMPro level a member has – something like:

    if(pmpro_hasMembershipLevel(1, $user->ID)) {
         $discount = 20;

    This tests if the user is on PMPro Membership Level #1 and if so, sets the discount to $20. Provided that your shopping cart has hooks built in, you could call something simple like that before checkout. It depends more on capabilities of the shopping cart plugin to do this than it does on PMPro, I think.

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    We did this with Jigoshop (, we just had to have a very quick hook added to Jigoshop. I’ll follow up with WooCommerce to see if we can add the same or similar hook to their system.

    Looks like we would add the filter around here:

    We’d have to test that out a bit though.

    M Talha


    I have installed woocommerce and now i need to define different pricing of product for simple members and paid members ? what you suggest ? Can i integrate wordpress paid membership pro plugin with woocommerce ?

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    Hi, I just pushed this out to GitHub:

    It has code to link Woo Commerce with PMPro. It connects subscriptions if you are using the Woo subscriptions addon. And also lets you set a discount per PMPro level.

    If you need help tweaking or implementing that, please sign up for paid PMPro support at


    M Talha


    thanks alot strangerstudios for the code.

    I would like to give acces to my woocommerce webshop to free registered users only. Is this possible with this plugin? And how can I do this. I have other content on my website, like a blog and other information. But if some would like to visit my webshop I would like them to register first. I hope you can help me out!

    Plugin Author Jason Coleman


    LV2013, this is possible. We can help you through it if you sign up on our paid member forums and post there.

    WordPress Membership Plugin



    pmpro not protecting woocommerce page


    @strangerstudios , I would like to know is it possible to integrate woocommerce product category with membership level of PMpro ?

    I mean just as in your PMpro plugin we have to choose the post category to which the registered member will have access, in the same way can we make it available for product category of woocommerce too?

    I would be interested to buy your PMpro membership if this is possible to achieve!


    Plugin Author messica


    Hey there,

    Currently, it is not possible to use WooCommerce’s built in product categories in the membership levels. However, we are currently working on the WooCommerce addon and should have an official release this week… I’ll talk to Jason about adding that feature as well 🙂

    In the meantime, you can still protect any other pages with WooCommerce products on them by simply controlling their membership levels as described here:

    Hope that helps!


    “However, we are currently working on the WooCommerce addon and should have an official release this week… “

    Is some progress with it?

    Ok so I’m having a hard time with this.

    I sell courses, access to courses is not subscription based, once a user pays for a course they have access for life (until further notice). I have a page dedicated for course pictures and descriptions where users can shop for courses. I want them to be able to add courses to the cart, and then checkout and then have access to the courses.

    So the flow should be 1. Click the add to cart button for each course 2. proceed to checkout 3. Pay 4. Return to the site and full out the PMPro registration form am I correct?

    It’s been driving me crazy and I can’t seem to get things to flow and I’m sure I’m missing something. I downloaded the woocommerce addon but still not sure how I should be setting things up. Any help would be great.

    Hi Jason,

    I’ve installed PMPro on my site and I love the plugin and all the really useful add-ons that come with it. I also installed the woocommerce add-on and find it very useful to be able to set different prices according to membership level. My question is, is it possible to grant a certain membership level or membership level upgrade to customers automatically based on which product they buy? Would there be an easy way to link these two actions automatically? Also is it possible to detect the user’s membership level so that I’m not offering a membership upgrade to a level they already have? Thanks for your input and for an awesome product.

    So there is a solution to this?
    I would like to build 3 x wordpress WooCommerce sites ASAP.
    They need to have a normal shop + ability for members to log-in and access special member-only prices.
    There are at least 5 membership levels, but I am hoping for unlimited.

    Your solution looks promising but I am very reluctant to sign my client up for a lifetime of fees when I think I can find the same solution for a one-time fee.

    Would love to hear your comments on this.

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