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  • Hi folks,

    I have a WP-site running with posts and static pages.
    On our buisness-server, there’s a mssql db up and running. it contains around 3000 products in different categories. they are organized as the following example:

    Main-category —> Sub-category —> Product.

    I already wrote a Codeigniter-app to accomplish my goal BUT i want to integrate it in wordpress.
    What i want to do:

    1. The user opens a wordpress-site from the main menu (e.g. Products)
    2. The Main-Categorys get loaded and displayed dynamically (by MSSQL<–>PHP script)
    3. The user clicks on a Main-category and gets to the Sub-categories. (In Codeigniter, i would pass the Category nicely via URI. E.g.
    4. and so on …
    5. Membership, Cart and Product-Details

    I need a concept how to realise this with wordpress … maybe on of this?

    • integrating codeigniter into wordpress for that specific task. (site-template would be a CI-view, possible??? what about the URI?)
    • Dynamically create the Products as custom posts with nested categories (maybe a cronjob creates the custom-posts once a day)
    • native php with arguments in the uri? i want it seo friendly!!!
    • a shop plugin that is flexible enough to get the data from mssql ?
    • i know my question is not very structured, but i hope someone understands what i mean.

      thx for the answers!!!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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