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  • Hi. A couple years back i suggested that plugin pages enable admins to vote for plugins to integrate into the WP core. Even Matt Mullenweg commented (inventor of WP, although i don’t understand his comment)–

    Anyway, I changed my mind, sort of. Even if you allowed voting only by logged in users, there’s a better method:

    integrate the MOST INSTALLED plugins to the core. Or at least, the ones which make sense as core features. (most installed, not most downloaded)

    I suspect Matt may already be doin it 😉

    But put the voting widget on each plugin page too (OR directly inside WP). Just more data to inform your choices.

    (ps, i noticed several of the plugins i recommended in that old post have since been integrated into the core 🙂

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  • Matt suggested that individual plugins be submitted for core implementation and then voted upon.

    Is that your interpretation, or he told you? Who submits? Who votes?


    My interpretation. Who submits? Anyone I guess. Who votes? Again, anyone who wants to.

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    I agree with Esmi. It sounds like Matt is suggesting that you submit each “Should this plugin be included?” as a separate idea.

    For example, “Should Viper’s Video Quicktags be included in the core?”

    Separate from what? Naturally each plugin is one idea, one vote, what else?

    If Matt was suggesting a “nomination” layer separate from a voting phase, I don’t see the advantage of the extra layer. My suggestion was to put a vote widget on every plugin page. 

    My new suggestion is to track the actual install base (separate from downloads). 

    Votes tells you how many people like the idea of it. Downloads (or attempted-installs) tells you how many actual WP admins want it.  Install-base tells you how many like that particular implementation by that plugin developer. 

    Then the WP core developers would consider votes, downloads, install-base, and their own roadmap, before choosing which plugins to integrate. 

    I imagine they do something like this already. But I wonder if they track install base. 

    Install-base is different from attempted-installs, cuz admins may install it but then remove it if they don’t like it. So a more accurate measure of popularity of that particular implementation is “how many WP installs have this plugin at this moment”, rather than incrementing a counter every time someone installs it. 

    Plus if you only count new installs, then you won’t get the bulk of existing blogs already using the plugin, which is the most important data. 

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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