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    Hello WP fans,

    I am trying to integrate my paypal account into my wordpress site, so that i can sell products to support the site.

    I have tried several of the paypal plugins, but none of them offer the versatility that i require ( or i can’t make them do what i need)

    So i have resorted to integrating the generic paypal forms into a page, which will work as my shop.

    The issue that i am having, is that i can layout the form in a standard HTML doc fine, using css to control width colours etc, but as soon as i paste the code into the WP page, and save, WP seems to add a large space inbetween forms.

    Would anyone know why ?

    Here is the code i am placing in the page with the shown:

    <img src="images/FoTP_red_and_blk_gnome_hats.jpg" alt="FoTP Gnome Beanies" align="left" />
    <h2>FoTP Gnome Beanie.</h2>
    One size fits all. <strong>£8.00 Each</strong>
    Delivery included.
    <form action="" method="post"> <input name="on0" type="hidden" value="style" /> Style -
    <select name="os0"> <option value="White on Black">White on Black </option><option value="Pink on Black">Pink on Black </option><option value="Green on Black">Green on Black </option><option value="White on Red">White on Red </option><option value="Black on Red">Black on Red </option></select> <input alt="Add to your shopping cart via Paypal." name="submit" src="images/add_to_cart.jpg" type="image" /> <input name="add" type="hidden" value="1" /> <input name="cmd" type="hidden" value="_cart" /> <input name="business" type="hidden" value="" /> <input name="item_name" type="hidden" value="FoTP Gnome Beanie" /> <input name="amount" type="hidden" value="8.00" /> <input name="no_shipping" type="hidden" value="2" /> <input name="return" type="hidden" value="index_payment.php" /> <input name="cancel_return" type="hidden" value="index_cancel.php" /> <input name="logo_custom" type="hidden" value="images/add_to_cart.jpg" /> <input name="no_note" type="hidden" value="1" /> <input name="currency_code" type="hidden" value="GBP" /> <input name="lc" type="hidden" value="GB" /> <input name="bn" type="hidden" value="PP-ShopCartBF" /> </form>


    <form action="" method="post"> <input name="cmd" type="hidden" value="_cart" /> <input name="business" type="hidden" value="" /> <input alt="View your shopping cart or checkout." name="submit" src="images/view_cart.jpg" type="image" /> <input name="display" type="hidden" value="1" /> </form>

    Can anyone shed any light on this issue ? many thanks

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  • do not worry – it seems to have fixed itself.


    style your style.css – it seems like the forms have some spacing in them.

    Also, it really, REALLY helps us when we can actually See what is going on, and we can do some code-searching. Sometimes the problem is elsewhere, like in a too-wide youtube video you posted next to the area you think is having problems 😉

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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