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  • My Monoslideshow addon is still in progress and not finished. It require some changes in the handling , but if you would like to do it by yourself , then pick up the xml script part, it’s a good start

    Alex, would you recommend against using your NextGEN Monoslideshow addon in its current version?

    I am very tempted but would wait if there are still many issues/bugs.

    You can test it now yourself

    It needs a couple of tweaks until it becomes V1.00, but should work so far

    I downloaded the monoslideshow and purchased the .swf files. Everything looks like it is working correctly in my WP dashboard. However, when I go to preview the page, instead of a slideshow, I get the message “The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed..” Both my Flash Player and my browser (Firefox) are up to date. Any ideas?

    Here is the test page link:

    BTW, I am working on a MacBook Pro.

    Thanks for the awesome plug-ins and help! Nextgen Gallery is terrific and makes my site so professional looking. This integration with monoslideshow is going to be even better…. if I can get it to work right! 😉

    Bubble Gum Designs

    Hmmm. I’ve installed the most up-to-date nextgen, and the monoslideshow plugin. when I try and use it with the short code, I get the following error message within the monoslideshow player:“:error#1090

    Can’t wait to get this working properly.

    Here’s the page:

    I am having problems also with the installation that is… I am getting the error below…I installed the plugin automatically through the wp plugin site. any suggestions…Thanks

    Could not found monoslideshow.swf, please verify the path or upload the file.

    The path that I am showings is wp-content/uploads/monoslideshow.swf

    jamking, you have to purchase the monoslideshow.swf file. It is not included in the free plug-in. The website is

    I got my slideshow to work after the latest plug-in update from the creator. 😉

    I’ve installed the .swf file and the plugin but get the following error:

    error loading :

    Any ideas how to fix this please?


    Oh snaps bubblegumdesigns lol thank you!! well that was easy wasn’t it?! Thanks…time to buy!

    I bought monoslideshow and can’t get it to work properly on my site. It works for the first gallery I made, but not the second and third. Instead I get that 1090 error. You can see the galleries side by side here:
    I’m trying to log in to the forum on the monoslideshow site, but it won’t let me, even though I can log in to the “My Area” section with no problems. This is really frustrating me, and holding up a story I want to publish today.

    OK, I didn’t urleencode the filename , so the problem is the image filename ‘Farmer’s Market-1.jpg’, please rename the file and remove the ‘

    Example farmer-1-market-1.jpg


    You’re awesome! Thanks for the quick reply. Problem solved.


    For those of you with some web development skills who want to further customize your WordPress integration of the NextGEN Gallery and Monoslideshow, you can make a few tweaks to Alex Rabe’s Monoslideshow plugin to add a “Custom” XML preset.

    You’ll need to modify the file named monoslideshow.php in the root nextgen-monoslideshow plugin directory : look for the option values under the <select> with name=”monoslideshow[preset]” (about the middle of the file). Add the following to the end of the options list and save the file:

    <option value=”custom” <?php selected(‘custom’, $this->options[‘preset’]); ?> ><?php _e(‘Custom’, ‘monoss’); ?></option>

    Now you can use the Demo located at to design a custom XML file. The mod you’ll need to make after creating the XML file is to delete the portion of the “configuration” entry on the 3rd line that begins with “startWithAlbumID” (e.g. startWithAlbumID=”zeptonn”).

    For example, if the 3rd line reads as follows:

    <configuration delay=”4″ startWithAlbumID=”zeptonn” viewport=”20,20,20,40,offset”>

    Change it to read:

    <configuration delay=”4″ viewport=”20,20,20,40,offset”>

    Now save this XML file with a filename of “custom.xml”.

    Finally, using your FTP editor of choice, upload the corrected monoslideshow.php file to the plugin root directory and the custom.xml file to the presets sub-directory.

    Now all you need to do is change the option named “Select default preset” in Alex’s Monoslideshow Options to “Custom” to enable your custom slideshow XML.

    Hope this of use to some of you.

    Maybe Alex will make this mod and add the ability to upload the custom.xml file through the plugin for future users.

    Thanks for the great plugin Alex.


    Hello –
    I’m having an issue of when the slideshow starts to run USED to be able to click the photo and it would pause. Now it just advances to the next image and pause is not available. I don’t thing I did anything except upgrade to v3.0 of WordPress.

    This is a super plug-in!

    Any suggestions?


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