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  • New guy here. Sort of lost. I have moved my site to a commercial provider that has WP. So far I like it and I have messed with the css in classic to fit my color scheme. I have a mast head image that will be used for site navigation via image map. I would like to have my main page have my masthead image then underneath will be my blog page. The user can navigate to other pages, away from the blog page, but the home will always be the blog page.

    That make sense? I can do some stuff in html but php has me really confused. My website is and put WordPress on the backside to see the blog. I am sure this is an easy thing just not sure where to put the image info.


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  • I think I got it figured out with my site nav added. I have not added the image map info yet but I don’t think it will be a problem. I also moved the index.php to my main page so that answers that question. I have a few more questions that I can’t seem to find in the code.

    1. Under the h2 in the style sheet is has border bottom set to 1px dotted. I would like to have that extend farther. Is there a to extend it much like the double line over the crdit section?

    2. I would like the sidebar to be lower. I am not sure how to lower it. Even with the News title. I did not see a reference in the index.php for get sidebar so not sure where the call is.

    3. Can I remove the comment link since I have disabled leaving comments. Would I just delete the dvi Class Feedback?

    Think that should do it for now lol. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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