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  • I have a WP and HTML site I’m working on for a client. He likes the site, but did not like the theme’s original menu. I created a CSS based dropdown menu and already have it active on the HTML pages, but have only begun to dabble with using it on the WP pages. I’ve found several examples of this but all for v2.? of WP but nothing for v3+. If anyone can send me to a good tutorial for this or explain it to me I would be very grateful. I only have a limited knowledge of PHP, so that is my main concern as I’m pretty sure I’ll have to alter some of the PHP files to do this. . .here’s the site:


    the ‘product pages’ have the new menu active, might I be able to alter the WP menus purely through CSS, as I have they in the same basic format as the HTML/CSS menus.

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    Try something like;

    .menu-nav ul ul {
     display: none;
    .menu-nav ul li:hover ul {
     display: block;

    Then you can use the rest of your CSS to position the menu correctly. It’ll be the same as your tutorial.

    I don’t have a good tutorial right now, was what I was saying, they’re all for much older versions of WP.

    Are you saying that the selector .menu-nav is all I should need to reformat the WP theme’s nav menus?
    IF that’s the case, I might be alright.

    For any other responders, I won’t be back at computer for several hours, so feel free to offer advice, even if I’m not responding.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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