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  • I know there exists an events calendar plugin out there for WP, but as great as it is, it’s still lacking. It’s trying to use WP to run the events calendar which isn’t the best way. After finding a plugin that connects Coppermine to WP, I began wondering if there is a plugin that connects some events calendar to WP?
    I love WP, but I need some more functionality…I’m stuck in the middle because a full blown CMS isn’t what I need either. I want a personal blogging site, but I also want some more features:
    1) Blog
    2) Articles
    3) Events Calendar
    4) Photo Gallery
    5) Download Section
    6) XML-RPC
    With wordpress I can get everything except the events calendar…and well I wouldn’t say no to an photo gallery that’s seamless with WP and has full functionality.
    Does anyone have any ideas out there? I’ve been contemplating making a pCMS (Personal CMS) that would take WP, Coppermine, (Some Calendar tool), and well make it modular so I can keep adding on as necessary. I really would like to hear suggestions from you guys.

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  • I would love to see a photo gallery and what to me amounts to a ‘true’ events calendar…
    intergrated into wp.

    variaas, we’re working on one that integrates events as well as allows you to add your own events.

    When we complete it would you like to test it?

    Not much point replying to a nearly two year old post…. but I, now, would be happy to beta it since I have a couple of clients with a need for this type of event calender.

    vkaryl_at_bytehaven_dot_com if you want to let me know when it’s testable.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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