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    Hi, hello!

    I have two questions, I hope it’s okay if I combined them.

    #1: I am wondering if it is possible to keep the grey WordPress status bar from the top of the wordpress page active on the phpbb forum as well. I would love if users could get notifications and have access to the wordpress from the phpbb that way!

    Which leads to #2:
    I was planning on using this with a BuddyPress version of WordPress, which allows for private messages between users. Would you happen to know if there is an easy way to integrate these private messages with the private messages in phpbb?

    If #2 is not possible or you don’t know a good way, I was planning on just disabling the private message system on either wordpress or phpbb and linking to it, which would be way easier if I could get that wordpress status bar to move over!

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author jhong



    if you use “full page integration” for template integration, the admin bar should be showing up for integrated users. It is suppressed on the “simple statically header and footer” option as that is just a bunch of HTML pulled from cache.

    For #2 — no, not right now, but it wouldn’t be too hard to add. I agree, using the admin bar would be a good choice for this.

    The admin bar works for me across the whole site on a default install with default themes and a “full page” template integration.

    Thank you for the reply! I was able to find where the ‘full page integration’ is, but is it at all possible just to grab the code from somewhere and manually add it to the phpbb? I will be using a phpbb theme and wordpress theme that are identical/made to match, so the full page integration is doing some funny things.

    Also if you don’t mind while I have you here – is it at all possible to link multiple phpbb accounts to a single wordpress account?

    Plugin Author jhong


    Hi again, sorry for the delay!

    Unfortunately the code can’t be added to phpBB without using a ‘full page’ template integration. Full page integration (as well as a few instances where the user is updating their profile or logging out) is the only situation in which WP-United loads WordPress into phpBB; the rest of the time it is unavailable; so things like wordpress template tags would have no meaning.

    Plugin Author jhong


    Sorry, I missed the second question. Unfortunately you can’t sync multiple accounts to one wordpress account either, as user integration is bi-directional.

    But… what’s the use case? WP-United is very flexible when it comes to user integration permissions. You could map phpBB groups to a WordPress role — for example, if you want all your moderators to be able to post in WordPress, you could set that up. You could even arrange for them all to have similar display names in WordPress too…

    Thank you again for your help! Regarding the status bar, I will just have to get creative. 🙂

    For the multiple account sync, one of my forums is role playing based where users each have multiple accounts. I thought it might be neat to allow them to sync those multiple accounts to a single wordpress account, but it was an entirely “just for fun” idea. 🙂

    Thanks a ton for your assistance!

    Plugin Author jhong


    I’m sorry I had to answer “no” to both. 🙂

    Actually, for the admin bar, you could pull something off by creating a separate wordpress page template. Have that template not pull in any wordpress header and footer, but still call the relevant wordpress template tags and actions — enough to get you a loop and the admin bar.

    Then user that with full-page template integration.

    It would add a lot of bloat to the phpBB forum, but not too bad — the big advantage of full page integration is that you can put widgets into your forum page — plenty of use cases for that.

    For the multiple users, I see what you mean — that is quite a unique use case. One thing you could consider, if you wouldn’t mind migrating the community, would be a MOD that can provide multiple personas per login in phpBB. For example ,there’s a “separate username and login” MOD. But it would probably be easier to build on what you already have and make each wordpress login part of their persona too 🙂

    Plugin Author jhong


    Hi, I’m going to mark this topic as resolved. However, if you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to ask!


    When you’re talking about full page integration is it there ? because when I’m on the forum section, the admin bar doesn’t appear.

    thank you !

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